Fitness bootcamp and Steemit Picnic Meetup - 30th June 2018

in london •  last year 


Just a quick post to show a few pics from today! I got there just in time for the stretching and group pics for @allasyummyfood and @ivargereiko's fitness bootcamp. Really sad to have missed the actual bootcamp (don't ask..), but I was told by most that it was fun! Everyone was so lovely and friendly too. I'm glad there'll be another one soon!



Great to see you there: @allasyummyfood, @ivargereiko, @yasminep, @teodora, @hustletoparadise (Great meeting you man, hope you had a good first time meeting other steemians!), @veritanuda + other lovely non steemians :)



Special thanks to one of my old friends, who was able to join us, glad he got a good taste of some of the awesome Steemit has to offer. My little ones also joined us for some of the picnic, and finally got to meet some of my dear Steemit friends :)




Another lovely day of sun, good company and good conversation. Thank you to everyone who stayed for the picnic meetup, it was lovely to chat and get to know some of you more. (For those who were there today, feel free to use these pics I took!)



Always a pleasure to see you all! I'm sure I'll see you all again soon. Much Love from Red :)

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Great to see you! And your girls are the absolute DREAM. Can't wait to meet them again!


awouw! I love that post! Good to be healthy and fit all together ^^

Yea you would have loved it!!! Big hug <3

It was so nice to meet you @redrica - while short, it made me happy to see real-life "Steem It" folks together. Next time though ... you DO need to make it to @ivargereiko 's workout ... the next day, my legs were so sore that I couldn't move them around!

Great meeting you! Let me know when you come to London again, so I can try and organize a meetup :)

And haha yes.. I'm sure I will know the pain next time :P

Another terrific meet up with Steemians and non-steemians alike. @ivargereiko's bootcamp was hard but fair and next time I will do better ;)

The picnic in the park was a brilliant way to wind down and get a chance to know new people.

@redica's kids are awesome and funny like you would not believe.

All in all another great event and I loved seeing London so vibrant and alive for the summer. Really does not happen often enough.

Thanks to @allasyummyfood and @ivargereiko for organising it.

Aw thanks Damon! Was another lovely day, nice to see you again too :)

Looks fun! I wish we would have some activity on this end as well! Everyone is silent when it comes to meetups. Steem on!

Ah yea.. wish we were closer for you to join in! Hope to see you again soon!!

Looks like you all had a wonderful time @redrica. It certainly was a perfect day for it.

Sorry to have missed meeting you girls. Another time perhaps! 😁

No worries Gillian! It was a really last minute plan to have the girls there, they enjoyed meeting some of my steemit friends :)

I'm sure you'll meet them at some point! Enjoy your weekend

I had a great day today @redrica, with the grandkids, on the beach. This weather is so amazing. 😊

Hope you had fun too!

Superb pictures Red! I hope by the next time, those non-steemians will become regular steemians and more people will join in :-P

Thanks!! hehe yes I'm sure they will ;)

Ong! The sun is out in London!

The sun's been out for a month! We're all loving it :) When are you planning to come to London again lovely??

No plans yet unfortunately, but will definitely catch up with you all when I do.

Glad you guys had fun! One day I will manage to come, I hope.

Yes do come along next time :)

Wow, a refreshing post , included fun, smiles ,food,enjoy, entertainment.a full package of happiness.. very nice..

On Tuesdays I like to eat meals like these paired with a Porter. Fridays are another story... evil laugh