Pennsifs Alternative Show - Logo Design #1

in logodesign •  2 years ago 

New to all this graphics design and I am currently in the process of learning for some Green Party items so I thought why not give Pennsifs logo design a go!

I created it using Gravit - Only graphics tools I've ever used to anyone who uses this any help would be fantastic!


I decided to go with a Fox as I think Pennsifs profile picture if uniquely recognisable on Steemit. Reading the design spec it did say simple so simple is what I tried to stick with.

First attempt to may work into this more! When I learn how!


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very nice information

Thank You =D

Yeah, I think that fulfils the brief nicely :)

I hope so!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your entry to my design a logo competition...

One initial comment - the black lettering on a dark grey background will make reproducability difficult.

Ahhhh!!! May need a tweak or two!