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I have been brainstorming for a while about a logo or icon for my art (it started when I was creating new business cards almost a year ago). I tried working with txt fonts combining them etc. and kept failing. Well someone told me designing your own logo is the hardest thing to do. And yes I noticed that...

The reason I want to create one for a long time is because I would like to add it do my shirt designs to create some branding or combine it with SanderJansenArt or my website Sanderjansen.net so when people see someone wear it they could find me on the internet. I don't want to put simple txt on it.

Anyway my own handwriting is terrible but I often use the same way for my initials especially the "S" . I remember when I was a teenager I added a devils tail and fork on the ends of the letter.

So I thought maybe I could do something with that. And combine it with my style. So eventually I came up with something I kind of liked and didn't kill off immediately with a flamethrower.

I started with my Initials. Added lines to it. After that I decided to put a circle around it and a dot that could function as an eye (you never know). Eventually I added two tiny arms.


Still working with it and also want to add txt somehow. But I like how it resembles my initials (SJ) and style and you can see different things in it (why is there a dolphin in it wtf?) which I always try to do. Maybe I burn it tomorrow and start over but now I think I made some progress and wanted to show you. :)

Hand drawn with wacom (except for the circle).


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@sanderjansenart een eigen logo is idd erg belangrijk, ik heb er enkele jaren geleden ook enkele dagen aan bezig geweest, persoonlijk vind ik het wel een leuk idee maar mijn eerste indruk deed het me denken aan een banaan....groeten


Dank je wel! Had je er veel moeite mee of viel het mee? Ja ik zie nu wat je bedoelt hahaha. Ik ga nog wat variaties maken denk ik :)

I like it, Sander :D I think it captures your style and you very well, and I also see the SJ initials in it easily :D Really nice !!!


Thank you @veryspider! Glad you could see the initials :) I'm going to make some variations first as I keep seeing a dolphin in it :P But I finally got something to work with :D

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Not a bad concept, does look very much you :)


Thank you @ryivhnn! I'm glad to hear that :D