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This is a pencil #drawing I created in 2009. The size of the artwork is A3 paper. I remember that I used a reference for the guy standing. I think from one of my Andrew Loomis figure drawing books (which is an awesome book you should have, even if you draw deformed blobs).

I hardly use reference because it feels like it isn't mine and it's difficult to find reference of things that only exist in my universe. But I like to get inspired :)


If you look from a distance you can see two black eyes (the background) . Also a mouth in the stomach with teeth.

Even after so many years I think it still has the same power I felt when I was working on it. Looking at it I can see I didn't use the blending technique yet (creating smooth gradients) which is a bit standard on my pencil drawings later on.

Here are some other close ups :)



Hope you liked the blast from the past? I think it's interesting to look at older works to see how style evolves into how it is now. :) Also I often forget what I did in detail so it's fun to rediscover.


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woooooooooooooooooooow sander !!! i really like this one * ___ * there is a flow and movement that follows the eyes as we come up from the bottom of the canvas and through the sole figure in the picture, whose brain is exploding into a brainstorm * ___ *

Love how each eyes are very expressive, also ! And the composition <3 I love the composition very much <3

A beautiful work from the past <3 <3 <3

upvotes and resteems


Thank you very much! I'm glad you could appreciate my older works :D

Thank you for the support!

Wow... awesome drawing. Upvoted.

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Thank you very much! :D

Wow Sander, this one is pretty powerful and amazing :D. I really like it, it reminds me of a horror manga but I can't remember which one. The emotions of the faces are really really well done.          
Very good job, Sander :D.          


Thank you so much @scrawly! Don't know the horror manga you're talking about as I'm not into manga but maybe it's Beserk or something. People mentioned that in the past about my art.

Thank you for checking out my artwork and upvoting :D

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Another very cool artwork .. the more you look, the more you see is definately applicable here lol.. super cool!


Thank you very much @anouk.nox! I always love creating art where you can keep discovering things :)

Interesting take on the reference thing. My two cents: copying from life (or a 3D model you pose and light yourself) is essential study, and the result can be unmistakably yours. Copying from other art... one needs to be careful but mostly it's just the easy way out.


I think I can agree to that. True you can copy things but you don't really learn or develop yourself in that matter. :)

Listed in my @artzone thread today. Great work. I love your detailed; crazy sketches the most.


Thank you very much! :D

I really believe that some of those eyes are looking for me and when I turn to see them they pretend to look the other way.


Well they do as I ordered them to keep watching you but they're a bit shy lol :D

A fantastic drawing, EYE love the flow and energy in piece- and all the little details you discover looking at it.

I really like this very dark side of yours,Sander.


Thank you @patschwork just posted another dark one :)