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What is steemcleaners

Steemcleaners is communities that remove abuse in the community , Defined Abuse like : Plagiarism, Copy & Paste, Tag Spam, Identity Theft/Deception, Known User Verification, Comment Spam, Malware/Virus/Phishing and other Attack Vectors. More About Steemcleaners read HERE.

Logo Ideas


This logo is inspired as a warriors who are advertising on guard and combat. Then the idea of octopus is also inspired by the steemit community that generally uses marine animals, this assumption is like strong and mighty krokon.

Image via : Octopus . Spartan

so, the idea of octopus and spartan I then developed the idea in the sketch below, with some of the results I got in the process of making this logo, and I took the result that has 1 whole object.


process 2.png

process 3.png

process 4.png

Logo Result


logo 1.png

logo 2.png

logo 3.png

logo 4.png

logo 5.png



Banner 2048 x 512 px


Profile 1000 x 1000 px


Article Header 1000 x 600 px

article header 1.png

article header 2.png

Comparison Examples

post example.png

discord app.png

Logo File Download

Download All File Here

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good job bro

Yeah. Thank you buddy

yeahh good job!!

Wew. Thanks buddy. ☺

it has been a combined design
congratulations bro :]

Wew. Congrat, You are the third, who likes. Eh eh eh.

wow! this is awesome!!!:o your design skills are over 9000!!! XD

Eh eh eh. Thanks my family,

I like the look of this one, I am one of the contestants for the steem cleaners image contest and saw your entry along with mine on the update post. I was wondering if you could enter mine? Feel free to enter my new contest to win some SBD click Here

OMG great entry! How to achieve such skill!

Hehe. Keep reading and drawing. ☺

Gamba steem piyampoeh, kreatif dan kreasi,hebat

Hehe. Semoga menang ya ehehehehe