[lo-fi friday #2] Shinobu

in lofifriday •  last year  (edited)
Here's this week's beat for #lofifriday. I had loads of fun making this one once I was able to finally come up with a mapping of the samples. I wanted to draw inspiration from one of my favorite shows from this one, Yu Yu Hakusho=]

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think! Feel free to contribute your sounds on the hashtag 'lofifriday' for features. I am looking to hearing your stuff!

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Yeaaa, that's nice brother... Such an old school feel to it. Dig it!

Thanks james, took me a couple tries before i got it right, lol
If u or anyone u know on here makes this type of stuff tag'em and I will showcase! ✌

Yea man, lots of people on here produce all sorts of stuff. You should come join the SMA server on discord... LOTS of producers and musicians on there. Great place to network with other steemians!

Kool! I just added it, mind sharing where exactly I should post? Haha! This server is a little intense.😅

I give you upvote please give me upvote in my post.