endless life like a cycle that always rotates

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sometimes I like ...
someone who has no direction.
looking up at the sky ... countless natural beauty ...

l remember the past ...
about past views ..
when I was a kid ...
without obstacles in thinking ...

life is life ,,
nothing or nothing ,,
what you incised is the real thing ,,
become part of the soul ... who is wandering ,,

time after time ,,
and I realize the time isn't running ,,
I'm walking, I'm being eaten,
the time remains eternal ... and I begin to disappear,
in nothingness ,,

Iife limitations and love ,,
become part of my life ,,
that will even disappear ,,
together when I also start to disappear ,,

unexpected sadness,
become the dominant and immeasurable sense ,,
in that sense there is hope,
the real life is all,

Reality is something permanent ...
as if it had been there, and waited for the time to come ...
like clouds coming, right at the same time as the blue sky,

the shadow is getting out of control ,,
looking for an impossible backrest,
friends and friends ,,
only limited to coming and going ,,

when looking for something reassuring,
spend time together ,,
Yes, time is friend and enemy,
which you will always remember,

when it's helpless
begin to be fragile by the time ,,
consciousness starts to falter ,,
only the soul becomes the handle ,,

I started to know about the secret,
that can't be written all the time ,,
endless life ,,
like a cycle that always rotates ,,

annihilated ,,
actually not destroyed ,,
move to the place that has been provided ,,
again ,, gnawing time ,,

this is a joke or a dream ,,
equally abstract ,,
I'm in control, or even just dried leaves ,,
the falling and missing ,,
gnawed at the time ,,

dreams are not too beautiful ,,
desire doesn't always become real ,,
friend hugs don't always feel ,,
just a real shadow ,,
dark, and never felt ,,

start and end ,,
becomes an undefined dilemma ,,
as if to come out ,,
and disappear without a trace ..

love esteem and @good-karma

by @fajarmadan

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