Red Sox opening day

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Zander had an astonishing hit today! His mentor was so pleased and I had a few of the fathers in the group come up and disclose to me how magnificent his hit was! Mentor granted z the diversion ball today around evening time!! I am so completely baffled I didn't get the hit on record

How our lives changed a month and a half later! Live without bounds each moment of the day as life is so valuable and short and could change in a squint of an eye. Try not to sweat the little stuff, forgive and never look back. Try not to hang tight for tomorrow as tomorrow may never come!

The previous two evenings, when the yankees are at the plate, you talk about only the hitters and the "Excellent little ballpark." when our astros are up, you talk about only the yankees fifth starter and his "Bursting change up."

Stop the fanboy frenzy. Your predisposition is messy clothing, and you're appearing than a handyman. It's conspicuous who you need to win.

Unreasonably terrible for you.

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