keep fighting sweet girl.

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She is what made me a Blues fan for this post season. Her story and what the Blues have done for her has been absolutely amazing. The Bruins i believe even ran a 50/50 for her Heard it on here in another thread. So touching of a story. Glad to hear the doctor said the trip is OK.
I am a bruins fan and want my team to win . I've absolutely loved watching and following Laila on her journey. All her excitement for her team and all the support she gets and gives out . she is one amazing little girl . Congrats to Laila on her trip to Bean town. Hope she and the Blues take Lord Stanley back to St Louis and keep it clean for NJ. We will be back this time next year (hopefully) to return it home.

Hope the Bruins fans give her a shout out. No matter who wins the game, she is an inspiring courageous girl and I'm glad the Blues have given her so much happiness.
No matter the outcome I hope you get to fully enjoy the experience of a game 7! Therese no other feeling like it! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family little angel!

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