A very sad day in Sri Lanka

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"In the same way as other of you, we woke up toward the beginning of today to updates on the sickening assaults in Sri Lanka. Our Iraq-based friend,Ihsan Ibrahim summed up what we all are feeling today: 'I was going to send Easter welcome to everybody here, at that point found out about the horrendous fear monger assaults on holy places and inns in Sri Lanka. So awful.

The most merciless and cruel thing an individual can do is harming others in their cheerful and sacred minutes when they feel harmony and love, when they took their families and kids to praise this one time a year—and transform it into trouble and distress.'

I petition God for want to lamenting christian family amid Easter Sunday assault .This demonstrations of assault does not profit nothing its foolishness.On a similar note give cctv around holy places to catch the happenings.

Sincere sympathies to our Sri Lankan siblings and sisters. May GOD give you the boldness to remain solid in this difficult minute. Disgrace on the individuals who carried out this awful wrongdoing.

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