Daily Digest #64 | A Poem! and more...

The first poem that I have come across on the Steemit platform and it is a sustainable poem! Very interesting.

Also included in todays issue a returning author sharing recycling opportunities and an author that I have mentioned before who is worth following.


A sustainable poem, @sophiasworld

Wow! Sapiens we need to change our game! This and more in a fabulous poem. Thanks for putting this together and sharing this.

Read more here


Recycling ideas for your Garden, @myscrible

You may not have even used some of the items included in this recycling post. The last time I saw a floppy disk was to install Windows 3.1. I'm sure that it took about 14 floppy disks to hold the entire operating system. Yes, yes, I'm very old. But here are some tips for recycling them into beautiful garden pots.

Read more Here


Just Eat It, @solikyl

If you haven't already come across @solikyl then here is a chance to discover another great author. They are on a absolute mission to improve our world. This post is all about just eating it in order to reduce food waste. [Read more here](https://steemit.com/@solikyl/a-food-waste-dish-2-baked-pasta-and-papaya-justeatit)


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Contest Updates

Every week there are two contests related to our environment and living sustainably.

This week there is a End World Hunger Writing Contest.

There is also a weekly photography contest with the intention of raising awareness of environmental issues. This contest ends on Thursday.

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