July 4, Independence Day in the US. We even celebrated this day in our hamlet in France. But the weather!!

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Our American neighbors in our little hamlet in The Morvan (Burgundy, France) invited us for a hamburger dinner tonight, (what else would you eat on the fourth of July!)

Of course, the American flag stood proudly in the wind in the garden

But the wind became very strong and dark clouds approached. We were glad that the burgers on the BBQ were almost ready and we ate everything indoors. We had a lovely evening.

The day started beautifully, but strange clouds were already seen in the distance.

In the course of the afternoon, the clouds came closer and we feared that it would rain heavily.

I turned around and saw strange clouds above the trees on the right side of the garden, beautiful, but strange!


In the Netherlands, the wheater is still sunny and very dry, no rain at all. But here in the east of France, after a few weeks of very hot and sunny days, we have had heavy rain showers last night and also tonight. Not for very long, but heavy and a lot of thunder and lightning.

Well, there is an advantage in this. Two of our neighbors are gone and I have promised to water their gardens also. It seems that nature does that for me!

Have a nice day,


The weather is compromising in South FL.
Quiet day so far.
Keep on postin'

I will, thank you!

Hi dear ,how are you?please connect.

Hi Maya, I am fine, but did not have the energy to post lately. I will do so again in the near future, but for now, I only read and give my votes. I hope you are fine also!

What happened dear,you are brave lady please take care really love you and miss your blog.I am doing well,best wishes for my sweet friend.

It is so nice when nature cooperates like that! Very interesting cloud patterns. The weather has been strange all over the world this year...Glad you had a nice time with the neighbours' any case!

Yes, it really is. Watering the garden of my neighbors takes me an hour each time, so I have time for other things. I really have to do some household tasks!

An excellent occasion for the holiday and beautiful photos, my friend, of course for Americans this is an important day and it is a pity that the weather slightly spoiled your barbecue, but this is nature and there are even pluses for you, in front of the neighboring garden. We also have a strong heat and the appearance of rain would be welcome, haha. Well done, you spent an excellent evening! Thank you Clio

You are right, as usual, every disadvantage has an advantage!

OMFG. Last post, 23 days ago.

Good people like us... shouldn't be posting so far inbetween.

I'm saddened here. Why?

happy independence day @clio and @exyle

Thank you!

your always welcome :)

The third pic is so beautiful !Your clicks are perfect in their place, from history the USA and French are friends ,so far as my knowledge concern,the country french had helped America to gain independence .Am i wrong or right?

Nature is doing your job just right there ;)

Well, those clouds are impressive and yes, you can totally see it is time to make a move and go inside before terror breaks out there.

Clouds are such an art on itself sometimes!

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