Would you like to move to a NEW ZEALAND?

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Today we will look at the basic information needed to make a decision about immigration.

New Zealand is a small (slightly larger than Great Britain) state on two large and several smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean, south-east of Australia. The climate here is very mild, in the south of the country it corresponds to Sochi, in the north - to the southern coast of Spain.

New Zealand is a party to all conceivable international agreements on visa-free travel. Thus, the New Zealand passport opens to its owner almost the entire planet; However, New Zealand itself is also a small, but surprising and nothing like world. Ideal country for family and future children.


The authorities especially do not divide the people into emigrants and indigenous people. All visitors live on the same conditions as local people. They also use medical care, study, rent or buy housing, rest. Women's half of New Zealand is very different from women from other countries. Here women's clothes and shoes are very unattractive and even, one might say, somewhere untidy. The style of femininity is unacceptable here, which makes madly happy newcomers, and sometimes irritates the local ladies. But New Zealand men are not averse to stare at Russian beauties. In this regard, it is easier for women to adapt to a new place.
New Zealanders have a very developed sense of mutual assistance. So, for example, if you become a guest of a home of a native resident, you feel the desire of people to help at least something in proportion to their capabilities. If emigrants are developing their business in New Zealand, then everything is on their side, since the private initiative is especially welcomed here and the business emigrants are fairly friendly. Well, if you want to somehow win a special attitude of local people in a special way, invent cottage cheese for them! Strangely enough, but it is in this beautiful and purest country that he does not have enough!


Work in New Zealand attracts a large number of foreigners, for whom comfortable conditions of employment are created and special programs of labor migration are in place. First of all, the country needs scarce experienced specialists, for example, engineers and doctors. New Zealand universities train qualified personnel, unemployment does not exceed 5% and local residents' incomes grow. Next, find out what salaries are in New Zealand in 2018.

The minimum wage in New Zealand is 1,700 euros.

The employment rate in New Zealand is 67.7%. Officially employed about 2.618 million people, and do not have a job of about 119 thousand.

The highest paid professions:

Their salaries can reach 13,000 euros per month.


The pension system in New Zealand is one of the most generous in the world. The pension is paid to every citizen of the country after reaching the age of 65. According to the data of 2016, the amount of pension payments in the country is: $ 23,058.36 per year for a single person.

In my opinion, not bad, agree?

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