Do You Have What It Takes?

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This story begins with a very hardworking man who sadly lost his job, after 2 days of losing his job,  he decided it was the moment  to apply for any job he could find, he didn't care about  the kind of job he was going to have, all he knew was that he had to provide his family with food and all they needed.  So the moment arrived and he got up very early in the morning, he wore his best clothes and tried to look very formal and serious, he found an old briefcase in the closet and put away his CV and what he needed for the interview. It's important to mention that this man didn't have  any college degrees given that he had dedicated all his life to work so he couldn't graduate from college. 

It was a bright day and this man felt like nothing could be wrong, he felt that day was his day and he was going to get that job. When he arrived at the company he realized he wasn't the only one applying for the job, there were many other men wearing elegant suits and looked even younger than him, in that moment he felt something in his heart, he wasn't going to make it, probably all those young men had graduated and were more prepared than him.

While he was waiting for his turn to be interviewed he had the chance to ask some of them about their qualifications, and most of them were graduated with honors and some even mentioned a master's degree. 

This man couldn't ignore the fact that everytime somebody left the interview they looked disappointed and kind of sad, he was worried, if they weren't making it, what were his possibilities anyways? 

Then he realized he was next, he shook a little but then he got confidence and stood up. he went into the office and closed the door. The man who was sitting behind the desk looked no older than 45.

--"Good morning" the man said, how do you feel today? tell me about you, what can you do? what are your qualifications? 

The man replied with a kind gesture and said: "Good morning, I think I'm worried sir, I think I don't have a chance against all those men, I am not even a professional, I am looking for a job cause I need to help my family". -"Okay sir, but tell me about you, do you have any job experience?" The boss said. "Well, I have worked all my life in many different areas and there's one thing I know how to do pretty well sir, I know how to pay attention and follow orders, I'll learn to do anything you ask me sir." The man said. 

After a few seconds, the boss looked at him and admiringly said "You know sir, I've been here all morning and I've seen CV's with pretty high standards, even people who speak 3 languages! and you know what? All of them have shown me what they can bring to the company but none of them has shown interest in what they can learn from us, for this reason, I think you are the ideal person to work here with us." 

The man accepted the job and learned that obedience is sometimes more powerful than a big mind.

Moral: Sometimes we feel like we're prepared, ready for anything, and we're not willing to accept any kind of corrections nor advice, it is sometimes wiser to just obey and pay attention, we may learn something good from it, life teaches us a different lesson every day and it's up to us if we want to learn from them. 

I really hope you liked it! Have a nice day!  

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