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Starting today, by reading Stephen Hawking's 'Theory of Everything'. The latest lecture article of the book comprising seven lectures is 'Theory of Everything'. The previous articles have been read in the past year, so I have allotted the time in the main article.

Stephen Hawking's vivid discussion is quite enjoyable. I understood half of the article and the other half expected to understand later. The significance of reading such a thing is that it energizes every brain of our brain, bringing all the readings of the whole life to the reading. Use all the acquired knowledge to try to understand some of the complex words written in simple language.

In the writings of Stephen Hawking, the theories of other scientists and philosophers are very nice. Hawking has taken the context of several scientist and philosophers, including Newton, Einstein, the powerful philosopher of the 20th century, VietGenstein. Through it became clear how he learned his predecessors very well.

What can be explained by a theory of everything in the world? In front of this question, Hawking has discussed his talk. At the very beginning, some previous scientists have given labor to this effort, saying their efforts, failure, near success. Again it is doubtful whether everything can be interpreted with the same theory.

Like some things, pushed the door of thought. At one point of the article, one said during the Newton period that if anyone wishes, it would have been better with the whole knowledge base of the world. In the Renaissance age, it is said that some people have read important books in the world. But now the different disciplines of knowledge have expanded so much that it is very challenging for all disciplines to occupy a particular discipline. Because the changes are changing very quickly. Scholars have to be busy with a special branch of knowledge or subsection with very basic ideas in several disciplines.

Prior to Aristotle, the Rothi philosophers, like Emanuel Kants, believed that their place of knowledge was in the world of knowledge. But there have been so many improvements in different branches of science and so many branches of the subdivision are coming up nowadays it has become 'specialists' or experts, who have earned or are trying to achieve special skills in one or a limited knowledge.

For this reason, many of the subjects of science, including knowledge, have become a big challenge in front of philosophers. Writing at the end of the article, a comment by German philosopher Ludwig VietGenstein, Hawking That is: 'Language analysis has become the only work of philosophy.'

That is why we see linguistics as the most influential discipline in the twentieth century. And the main contribution of all the influential philosophers of the twentieth century is linguistics in linguistics. The article ended with a festive ambition! With the daring prospect of planning God's plan! If you reach the theory of Everything, then by pointing at what will be possible, Hawking says, 'If we find the answer to that, it will be the final triumph of human cause.

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