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RE: Litecoin Updates Coming - Even Cheaper and Faster Transfers

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Looks like Charlie Lee is holding to his promise of continuing to develop Litecoin after selling his stash. This is a very encouraging sign for HODLers.


Yes - I agree with the what he said about removing the conflict of interest.

Charlie Lee seems like a very stand up guy. Many launched attacks for him dumping his holdings after pumping LTC up for the better part of a year. I never bought into that. To start, everything was up last year. Secondly, he does seem like a stand up guy.

He is one of those people who appears content with a laptop, lots of coffee, and code to write.

I never doubted that he wasnt 1000% committed to LTC even after selling his stake.


This guy takes so much heat from people, he def seems stand up. He seems to know what he is talking about.

Yes, but I still wish he held his stash

It may be true that Charlie Lee has sold most of his LTC holdings, it makes more sense because LTC was stagnant for so long, it was important for him to close the profits. With the profits he can use it to better enhance LTC itself, I am sure he would have picked much more when prices relaxed for a bit but media never reported his buys, only sells. Having said this Charlie Lee is very sincere and hard working guy according to me but he is an opportunist, that's how he created LTC at first place jumping from GOOGL, during that time we were or atleast I was busy playing games like GTA!

Exactly my thought! This is great news for Litecoin, and will surely show in near future even on price. Alot of people speculated about Charlie Lee selling Litecoins, but proof is here, that development will continue!

I noticed that Charlie Lee sold his Litecoins the same day Bitcoin Cash was added to Coinbase. I falsely assumed that Bitcoin Cash had to do with it.

Everyone who freaked out about him selling in the first place simply did not understand the purpose. Charlie simply couldn't win either way. Hold his coins? People think he is purposely manipulating the price. Sell his coins to remove any doubt or conflict of interest? People think he sold his coins to profit before an inevitable crash. Absolutely ridiculous.

OH yeah! I'm glad I'm HODLing my LTC
Sold my XRP right at the top and grabbed more LTC since it was low

Does anyone know how much LTC Charlie Lee had and sold?

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