Litecoin Updates Coming - Even Cheaper and Faster Transfers

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Now that BTC and ETH are not really worth using for sending or buying things due to crazy network fees and queques LTC is having a nice momentum.

Already i have sugested many times that when you want to move BTC or ETH between exchanges - use LTC in the middle.

Now Coblee said about planned soft fork to make LTC even bette for daily usage.


Notice that KR is again way above others. Are they seeing into the future?

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Looks like Charlie Lee is holding to his promise of continuing to develop Litecoin after selling his stash. This is a very encouraging sign for HODLers.

Yes - I agree with the what he said about removing the conflict of interest.

Charlie Lee seems like a very stand up guy. Many launched attacks for him dumping his holdings after pumping LTC up for the better part of a year. I never bought into that. To start, everything was up last year. Secondly, he does seem like a stand up guy.

He is one of those people who appears content with a laptop, lots of coffee, and code to write.

I never doubted that he wasnt 1000% committed to LTC even after selling his stake.


This guy takes so much heat from people, he def seems stand up. He seems to know what he is talking about.

Yes, but I still wish he held his stash

It may be true that Charlie Lee has sold most of his LTC holdings, it makes more sense because LTC was stagnant for so long, it was important for him to close the profits. With the profits he can use it to better enhance LTC itself, I am sure he would have picked much more when prices relaxed for a bit but media never reported his buys, only sells. Having said this Charlie Lee is very sincere and hard working guy according to me but he is an opportunist, that's how he created LTC at first place jumping from GOOGL, during that time we were or atleast I was busy playing games like GTA!

Exactly my thought! This is great news for Litecoin, and will surely show in near future even on price. Alot of people speculated about Charlie Lee selling Litecoins, but proof is here, that development will continue!

I noticed that Charlie Lee sold his Litecoins the same day Bitcoin Cash was added to Coinbase. I falsely assumed that Bitcoin Cash had to do with it.

Everyone who freaked out about him selling in the first place simply did not understand the purpose. Charlie simply couldn't win either way. Hold his coins? People think he is purposely manipulating the price. Sell his coins to remove any doubt or conflict of interest? People think he sold his coins to profit before an inevitable crash. Absolutely ridiculous.

OH yeah! I'm glad I'm HODLing my LTC
Sold my XRP right at the top and grabbed more LTC since it was low

Does anyone know how much LTC Charlie Lee had and sold?

I am sure LTC will end up having similar issues if it was a big as Bitcoin. Regardless, come on lightening network!

Lol. I couldn't agree more

I’m one of those people that bought it at $340 and now crying to myself and holding it goes back up . This gives me a sense of hope

don't sell it in loss... it will go back to $340.
Hold it tight.

Did the same too, hold it litecoin is doing great ;)

Its okay, don't sell. It will go back up.

I posted something earlier (in this thread) about being new to this arena. I think there are a lot of people in your same situation (including me). I held my first coins for all of 15 min, traded, and put back into something else (no idea what I was doing).
Slowly starting to see how things move but very much a novice.
Best advice I have seen on many posts is to do your own research and bounce ideas off of forums like this one.

You'll get back to $340.00 and higher. Litecoin will do just fine.

Do you recommend start investing in Litecoin now?

Think of it this way Bitcoin is supposedly the gold standard for store of value. Litecoin is considered the silver coin for store of value. It is not a bad time to buy. If bitcoin price gets to high for the average investor. Litecoin makes a strong alternative. Once the general public wants in on crypto-currency's, don't be surprised to see it raise dramatically in price.

How would you compare LTC to ETH? (If this is a naive comment, please forgive)...I am new to this arena and looking to learn before going in with both feet.
It seems like anyone can find an argument for or against any coin/token on the market.
So my question would be why LTC and not ETH?

Thanks for any help.

Right now take what ever money you can afford to loose ( read the afford to loose again.)Then split the purchase in half or 75 to 25 if you want. Both are good coins but they serve different functions.

I suggest to invest also in LTC altenative like Vertcoin ,
it have a strong develop . Dont have a big market cap
and It 'is strong focus to build a decentralized crypto

I would say yes, price is down now. It is all about market adoption, if retailers start using it then we will see the price go up.

Those are awesome news!!!

Good news, go Litecoin!👍

This is excellent news. Litecoin has always been Bitcoins poorer cousin but now maybe its time to shine. It has some great developers with great ideas driving it forward. Lets hope the momentum continues.

LTC is already extremely cheap and fast! The future is soooo exciting for LitecoiN!

I'm right there with ya!

Thanks for sharing. LItecoin is definitely doing some nice stuff.

Interesting. I sold my LTC after the founder sold his. Just didn't make sense why a founder would do that. What do you think about this?

He only did that to show that he isn't in it for the monetary gain but rather the development of it. He even donated most of it to the ltc foundation

Sounds like you made a mistake in hindsight. Don't beat yourself use it as a learning experience.

Litecoin is definitely a coin that everyone should hold in their portfolio. When you think about it, Litecoin goes up when Bitcoin does due to it being the silver standard to Bitcoin's gold AND it tends to weather major market declines very well because it can also be viewed as a hedge to the whole Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash shakedown. Adding to the reasons for holding Litecoin, none of the developers have any beef with Charlie Lee and his friendly, straightforward manner. Litecoin is going to have a fantastic run in 2018

Really hope you're right. The best thing that could happen is a major online retailer (Amazon, ebay, etc) announces that they'll start accepting payment in LTC.

Thanks for the news Kingscrown!

Thats great, starting the year with more improvements!

Very awesome looks like Litecoin at just under $300 is going to be a bargain here shortly!

So many better altcoins that do everything better than ltc besides having a big name

True but many other bitcoin forks perform better then btc but are just not that famous yet.

I see how it would make it cheaper but how does it facilitate faster transaction times?

let see what the future brings

Charlie Lee just comes off as being a respectful, and honest guy. I think the fact that he didn't pre-mine any Litecoin says a lot.

Probably most have seen the video in which he states that he no longer holds any LTC, but he would continue to work on it, as he sees it as, "his kid," says a lot also. How could you not want to see something that you created do well, whether it be your child, or a cryptocurrency?

It's just a hunch, but I can see Litecoin being worth several times it's current value, in a very short time.

Even with the coming Lightning Network, I don't see Bitcoin living up to it's promises as a day-to-day currency, mainly because of Blockstream's involvment. Big money always messes-up everything for the little guy.

Thanks for your informative posts.

litecoin is my favorite coin that always undervalued and least volatile)

Thank you, very useful post!

I'll be honest, I took it as a very bad signal that Charlie sold all of his LTC. I still do, actually. To have 0 skin in the game on your own protocol doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

But, I can't argue that this is a step in the right direction for LTC becoming the de facto means of exchange least for the time being!

~ Kevin

You are always the first to come out with these relevant coin updates. They are much appreciated. Upvoted 100% for the service you provide.

Great to hear as I'm a long time LTC holder. I did a new coin analysis on Xverge, check it out if you're interested in making a quick buck...

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 21.50.18.png

LTC was my first investment so I'm glad it will become more streaml8ne for daily use!

Way to go Charlie Lee!

Well, this is surely a great news for all of us, thanks for sharing!

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash will virtually be worthless once the Lightning Network is released. There will be no need for either of them as LN solves the main flaw of bitcoin and makes it a day to day utility

I always use Litecoin to transfer between exchanges. This news should cement it’s spot as the actual number 1 for payment and hopefully take some of the transaction volume away from ETH, which was never designed to be used for this purpose.

Isn’t it cool how the fundamentals always seem to line up with the technicals? Check out the Litecoin breakout on the charts.

A also use LTC to transfer between exchanges; works well because not only is it cheaper but faster as well. I think LTC could have a good 2018 if the development continues. It is great to see Charlie Lee so active and supporting the community.

Ltc is good coin for 2018

What's more from unofficial sources i got info that LTC prepares for relasing their credit card :)

I hope ETH is the best.

Low fee.

If Litecoin does a soft fork Charlie Lee will probably get some coins and be back in a position with Litecoin. It also seems to me that they are spacing out there news and projects so Litecoin can have a very good year ahead. A healthy consolidation after the run earlier.

its good news for everyone
I think that Litecoin is good for transactions in future
Thank you for your information @kingcrown

The market cap is $ 50m at the moment and is the second sequel behind the bitcoin blockchain. The largest difference blocks from BitCoin are to be verified at 2.5dk instead of 10min (verifications are weaker), the expected amount of money to be in circulation is 84 million units and the hash algorithm is scrypt instead of sha256. scrypt is more difficult to produce asic and fpga miner to be an algorithm that requires more memory, it is also not possible to get performance improvements similar to bitcoin at the same time..Does it help us? @kingscrown

when bitcoin and ETH goes down then there are bright chances of ripple coin to take its place and rule the whole world of cryptocurrency. Soon it will rule the world.
Thanks author for sharing informative post

Litecoin is the way to go, for sure in making trades and having some in storage to be able to make quick buys.

LTC to the moon.

Looks promising. HODL'ing here!

Holding ltc as well hope the rise of today are a sign for the future to come:)

Charlie Lee is a good man. LTC will be huge in future and could replace BTC.... HODL.


Thanks for the information

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Guys buy litecoins now, if u do u can make so much profit its with ether, bitcoin n ripple one of the best coins

Thank you for the post nice to see litecoin going up up and away !

This is great news, and should improve Charlie's thesis of lets continue to improve LTC and get people using it and the price will follow. But it is disheartening to see today's LTC’s short lived minimal price action off legitimate positive news while projects like Paccoin are up 3382% in the last 7 days because of the new to crypto total supply phenomenon “did it myself in August with golem.” PAC is a project that when searching for the white paper this is what you find..... This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. BUT DON’T WORRY their official website has a brand guideline pdf that will give you the vital details of recreating the paccoin logo and background colors. If anyone can explain how this project is rightfully valued at 752 million dollars I would be grateful to hear your thoughts.

Saw that massive spike as well. Watched a YouTube video a few nights ago from JR Business - couple of 18 y/o’s who pump up various coins. Crazy to see how a coin with no real purpose can jump like that based on a referral.

Thanks for sharing the updates due to your post i know about how to exchange BTC or ETH

Eth now having high transaction fees too? Just when I finally decided to start dealing eth

Is this why the price is going up? People moving to litecoin so they can exchange?

Your post are short, but always incredibly informative. It's amazing you dig so much of this useful information!

Thank you. Resteeming.

Good call. This is what they intended when they created it to be the silver to Bitcoin's gold. It's a like asset that can function in the same way. If Bitcoin is dumb and fails to start correcting issues that are plaguing the network, LTC could become the gold.

Like i best to study them all.

I firmly believe LTC is headed the right way. The leadership is clearly visible. With no financial standing in terms of investment in LTC, he has cleared the way for more innovation and making LTC a solid coin with a bright future in slight.
I am hopeful, we will see more and more LTC pairs trending on vast array of exchanges in future giving BTC and ETH the true motivation to improve their platform and code-base to remain in competition long term.

litecoin go to the moon today :D
we hope more and more ,
its have great team !

So, can litecoin replace bitcoin one day?

bitcoin cash is actually the cheapest to send no matter your feelings on the project

Thats a good news. We see market going bullish.

Could it be that Charlie is negotioting with facebook about implementing LTC as official currency? :O

Think about it. He sold all his LTC and weeks after Zuckerberg announces his interest in crypto and "decentralization"...

Right now LTC has an average transaction fee of approximately $0.46 and ETH is at $2.45
This fee improvement is a great step for LTC, I'm sure other large market cap coins will follow.

Awesome news!

I am a big believer of the Litecoin, it is one of the most popular and so relativly stable, the transaction fees are relativly low and so it allows me to transfer funds between local and foreign exchanges easily as it is supported in almost every one of them. Now that there are this new advances and improvements I guess I will use it even more and for sums that are lower than I used to - the fees won't hurt me so much now :)

thanks for the info - straight to the point and informative as hell!

Such a change in fees will really boost litecoins competitive edge. I Personally believe Bitcoin is Shitcoin with no real use aside from proving the blockchain concept. Look at how easily litecoin has been able to grow and update whilst bitcoin has been bogged down in politics and manipulation by outsider interests. Cryptos will be here for a long time but it think it will be the ones with use cases and easy updates that will truly thrive.

I find litecoin hard to hodl these days, but I never can come to decide to sell some.
And it proves me I did the right thing every time!

Damn this is great news!

This is sweet news considering that fees are getting really high for those coins. You have to be rich to afford to send bitcoin, lol...

Hope Litecoin will be the new bitcoin (price wise). I just traded some litecoin yesterday.

Which platform would you recommend for purchasing cryptocurrency?

can you recommend coin? i am korean

Good news for the market! I agree what you said @kingscrown

This is encouraging. My first crypto investment was litecoin. I was reading a post about a brick and mortar store wanting to accept litecoin, but transactions would take too long to verify. Would this help speed up the process and make the currency more ready for everyday use?

I agree about you lite coin is nice momentum this time & thanks to share this information.

Crypto the next generation of money, don’t wait get in now! #jonezyartwork

2017 saw an enviable height reached by bitcoin.
2018 appears to be a good time for altcoin to progress and take a trip to the moon. Lol!!!

This are great news! And the price of LiteCoin is going to the moon because of it!
Litecoin to 500$+ that's easy don't you think?

Charlie Lee seems to be one of the most respectable and ethical bigwigs in the crypto world (Vitallik is another) and he does seem genuinely intereseted in building the Litecoin community and accordingly the crypto community itself (rather than building his own wealth as priority). His recent announcement that he had sold his stash of Litecoin also shows that he meant it when he said he didn't want a conflict of interest getting in the way of building Litecoin itself.

Hope Litecoin goes from strenght to strenght in 2018.. It deserves to be far more value in marke cap than both BCH and XRP

wow, time to invest more LTC! cheers!

The price will break the ceiling

Litecoin sure represents an attractive and inexpensive way to transfer your funds across exchanges or pay for coffee.

I'm just wondering what will happen to its value once exchanges, merchants and other Bitcoin users implement the Lightning Network.

I'm pretty sure the value of BTC will rise, while other cryptocurrencies like LTC, Bitcoin Cash might take a dive.

Nice post. I got into litecoin due to quick transaction speed and low tx fees and this announcement continues to improve upon that point! What i can't understand is why bitcoin cash is so highly valued in comparison to litecoin? Any good thoughts on this?

Litecoin is going good

I have a question - since it's about fees, I hope it's on-topic.... with the high fees that are charged for Bitcoin transfers, who gets the money? Where does it go?

Good news.. Need to buy some..

Shoulda held onto my Litecoin from my first purchase at $28. Seems ready to move. Check out my bad start to Crypto even though first purchasing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in May.

LTC to the moon. Surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum total market cap combine.

Is it true that Litecoin will have a debet card for everyday use???
alsow inflation on Litecoin in this year will reach 30% ?

Nice post thank you for information @kingscrown

Interesting, maybe the start of LiteCoin pulling away in the battle for online payments.

I wonder, once LTC experiences a huge surge in usage and adoption, won't the fees and transaction times be an issue when things get congested?

When the cryptos were running up in value in December I was educating relatives about now being a good time to invest, I said, "Especially LTC! It's amazing..."
They watched the price trends for a few weeks as Charlie sold off, and the value declines, I was telling them it was normal. I love LTC and I am excited to see what will happen next, I know that by this time next year anyone who took my advice and made some of their first crypto investments will be happy. But boy is it funny trying to help people and face the skepticism and have a period of volatility be the first thing I expose them to.


This is so true! LTC is my go-to currency! I always buy LTC on coinbase and then do the transfer to my other exchanges. Unfortunatly most crypto exchanges are based upon a BTC or ETH price which forces me to sell LTC for BTC and ETH. Oh well, that's life. Things will improve as the market and the technology gets shook out.

Great news!

Litecoin has always been my pick as a coin that works well as a store of value and can be

Sick I know no what the best coin to send from place to place is!

Thanks for the tip, I had sold some of my LTC as I didn't feel so confident after the founder sold off his stake. I had always used it as a coin for transferring between exchanges. After reading this, maybe it is time to pick up a bit more.

Litecoin Rocks! Please Upvote me :) Love you all!

This sounds indeed great and I see now where the pump was coming from. The moment it is consolidated I will jump back into it. Promising crypto I would say.

Whats a bigger deal, individuals accepting cryptocurrencies or buisnesses?

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