Litecoin to be Main Payment Coin Soon ?

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Due to Bitcoin and ETH problems with scaling and frozen networks it looks like LTC may be the main coin taking advantage of micropayments online.

Since Bitpay processor didnt want to add LTC, they have created Lietepay that will launch soon -

Today CheapAir decided to add LTC as a payment option which is a pretty huge info.


Interesting to see that its mostly Chinese exchanges with max volumes. The only USA one is Bitfinex but if you dont deposit 10k USD there worth of crypto you cant use it currently. The easiest spot to make an account from those is Binance since it needs no ID.

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The problem that I see is that any coin that becomes the main utility coin will soon suffer the same fate as BTC. Over used and under powered.

I saw this coming and I think it is well deserved. Transfers with litecoin are fast and relatively cheap making it the best crypto for online payments.

Wish I bought a load of litecoin back in the beginning of 2017 would be sitting pretty now... I do think 2018 will be a good year for lite coin..

I wish i bought a load of ltc 2 weeks ago and cashed it out now, but my real world money got delayed, and now it's a bit too late to buy :/

I don't think it is not too late to buy LTC. I would think it will still outpace ETH & BTC in price growth for 2018 like what it did last year. Also it is becoming more useful as this article shows

This is such a great news. Litecoin is the next best thing to happen to crpto @kingscrown

I wouldn't get too excited about it, it's only a mild improvement on BTC technologically speaking. STEEM and EOS technology is able to send free 3 second transactions which is better than LTC will ever be able to do

you don't actually see it as an improvement on BTC right????

Just a small improvement in terms of tech and scalability

Bitcoin Cash (Z-conf transactions) would work even better, but I suppose would be a lot more controversial so far. Litecoin devs have also gotten a lot closer with Bitcoin LS (BTC) devs and community over the years and that popular and financial support certainly plays in as well when trying to establish stable business channels.

Coinbase and Bitpay payment integrations do make things a whole lot easier across the spectrum though. Dash also has some major things brewing.

So while this obviously is good for Litecoin holders and users, I'm not really jumping up and down thinking I'll use Litecoin for payments in the future.

It's amazing though how well "meme-coins" such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc and smart contract platforms utility tokens like Ethereum have done in terms of transactions volume and price. Those same coins could all have been created and run in synergy with Bitcoin and even used as a complement to scaling the main chain, but because of developer decisions were never implemented that way.

Instead we now have them as independent chains, some of which are of course mere jokes and some of which are more serious. This works, but leads to lower chain security and probably some unnecessary need for 3rd parties when transferring cross different chains.

That's because Litecoin doesn't even scratch the scale of Bitcoin. To get Litecoin, you first need bitcoin, and that bitcoin needs to be transferred to your wallet.

Ofcourse litecoin beats bitcoin, because nobody uses it except investors who swap from wallet to wallet.

As a whole if we look at it then it is a bad news for bitcoin holders because this way it can again stop the growth of bitcoin but for LTC definitely it is a big news.
I am curious does it has anything related to the move of Char Lee when he sold all his stake of LTC?

LTC is too slow to be payment coin. If you pay through Litpay you are actually paying with fiat, not with LTC. With LN is instant but BTC is instant also with LN.

The difference that is positive for Litecoin is that it still happens on blockchain infrastructure. With LN there is (per current design at least) always the risk that a hub you rely on shuts down either for a short but important time period or for good. You also have to run your own node and lock up money to be able to even receive a payment.

Agree but LN technology is at early phase. At moment on chain transactions are easier and more secure but I think in future will be different...

to be honest the only options here in terms of speed long term are Ripple, Stellar and EOS. I'd say NANO (raiblocks) but clearly having some major issues with scaling. its not the year for LTC it will be the year of the LUMEN!

Centralized coins like XRP or XLM will never be adopted from real crypto community who fight against centralization. One company own 60% of XRP coins... EOS goal is not to be payment option...

cannot wait :)

I'm a huge litecoin fan I hope it becomes !

Either LTC or DASH will be the main crypto for everyday use! My money's on DASH though..

MAy be Steem will be...

Wow litecoin is really starting to come into its own. This could well be it’s year.

Binance is my favorite exchange to use for altcoins. I also have noticed that
LTC is being accept as payment at a lot of different places.

Litecoin is seriously on the roll. I love it!

hopefully when plasma gets done the scaling issues for ethereum will be solved

they have created Lietepay that will launch soon -

Is Lietepay a typo?

I've found myself playing with the idea that LTC may overtake BTC due to the simple fact that it's faster and cheaper to use.

Perhaps we're onto something.. Who knows?!

Yeah I'm feel'in that way too. I always use LTC for ICO's where possible. I think it could easily go to 2 thousand in a year or two and start to dominate. It's really attractive to new entrants on coinbase when they're facing the raw cost of the other 3 big ones.

Like you said, It's fast as hell and dirt cheap to transact...I love litecoin and always try to store up a little more here and there, especially like when it dipped last month. I kept waiting thinking "it's going a bit lower". I think that was it...I shoulda bought more than a little last month.

Still, at todays prices a good buy if you can hodl for a little while.

I am already sending LTC to exchanges and then exchanging it for BTC to use in the exchanges for alt coins, so I could very easily see LTC taking over. Removes a step.

I've personally prefered LTC in the past, but never to hold for the long term considering it's beginnings and community were and are still very familiar to other meme coins such as Doge coin. With Bitcoin Cash now available however there's no reason anymore, for me personally at least, to put my money into chikun coin.

The problem LTC will have unless they up the blocksize eventually is that they run out of space and bump into the same road block as Bitcoin LS. If they then however transition in a similar fashion as Bitcoin LS (BTC) to second layers or perhaps copying also from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork and scale on chain, then obviously it could become a massive alternative unless Lightning Network/the BTC Legacy&SegWit chain has worked out all its issues by then.

I'd be incredibly surprised. More likely that EOS or one of the more technologically superior coins overtakes it. LTC is only a minor improvement over BTC in terms of tech.

This is a huge step for cryptocurrency because it is a hardware that affects small transactions for day to day living. Most other cryptos are rolling out software with practical use, to make a hardware is a breakthrough. In the long term though, 1% fees is still high for crypto transactions. It is much lower than 3-3.5% visa, but high for crypo transactions if you consider the fact that popular exchanges only charge 0.05% transaction fees. But nonetheless, a great step forward. Well done litecoin! :D

Yep, LTC could be a real way of payment.
Fast, and cheap. is still very volatile, as all the cryptos out there.
I don't see the mainstream accepting it yet, when it changes so fast.
To be payment, it has to be stable( maybe pegged?).
But this is so outrageous for most cryptologists :)

Litecoin really looking promising.

THere is no way litecoin can be a used for micro payments. Too slow and slightly expensive. Let just wait to post EOS lunch and we will then see some serious payment platforms on top of the EOS blockchain

When it comes to transaction speed “as is” between BTC and LTC, it’s a no-contest. The latter is definitely more suitable. But there are other coins that are better when it comes to speed and fee. Especially Digibyte and Navcoin.

But we are in early days yet. I believe the big winner will be a platform/service that converts all of the major and significant coins into a “stable coin/token”, which is used as the currency for almost instant transactions worldwide (online and offline) at very small fees. There are many smart people working towards this. Including by NAV developers of their Valence Platform, as well as those related to NEO, QTUM, Cardano and of course, Ethereum. We will get there in due time.

As someone who was in the space since the beginning I never really understood the need for the thousands of coins that have come and gone over the years. BTC was meant for larger transactions and LTC was meant for smaller. It would be nice to see the realization of that finally.

With the success of lightning transactions and the fact that Charlie Lee works hand in hand with the Bitcoin core devs, I think it is safe to say the two coins are related. Who knows, they may somehow merge to become the savings/checking account model for the world currency. Bitcoin name is "Kleenex" now, everyone who knows Crypto, knows Bitcoin, it WILL continue to dominate the market. @kingscrown

I have the exact same vision for BTC & LTC; crypto-brothers in arms. With Bitcoin being the first and sold as the store of wealth, and with Litecoin getting more limelight as a method of payment, people will start to use it as such.

LTC looks to have a very promising future with more and more adoption. I'm curious which one of these Amazon and Ebay might use. Thank you for sharing. Upvoted and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33
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LTC is a wonderful coin. It will go up next few hours. I hope so.

We could see the reason why Litecoin is doubled in last few days. good POST.
Great boost for litecoin lovers and inveters

Taking into account speed and cost, litecoin is pretty much the best current option. I been using litecoin exclusively for some time now, it just made more sense to me. Thanks for the read!

After the hard fork on Saterday that I missed as I don't hold any Litecoin. This will all have a positive effect on the value of litecoin. At the end of the day the battle of the crypto's, the one that delivers to its people will be most successfull.

This whole LitePay seems interesting, will take a look at it.

This is a really great news for those of us that have a load of litecoin...hehehehe. But quite a heart stopper for people who have stored just bitcoin and ETH. As much as I believe in the potential of having a lot of bitcoin and ETH, i have always believed litecoin had a bright future and i was right. Am so glad.

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Just come across this blog plenty of good info here I recon ltc going ride nice soon I've been bits here and there an hoarding it ready lol

I am interested to follow your post about lithecoin.
Your post is very useful for beginner steemit .
Good job @kingscrown

Very good post.

thank you for that great share , it has updated me

Thanks for the news of Litecoin @kingscrown

It’s a great information...litecoin is smart....

One thing I know for sure, LTC transactions are faster than BTC transactions, cheaper too.

thank for news

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I agree! Love Litecoin as the payment coin of the future and am sure it will happen. Plenty of room in the space for the top coins to serve their niche as well.

Litecoin will be THE payment coin. Replacing Bitcoin as the payment coin and fulfilling the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin will be more of a store of value or large payment coin most likely. But Litecoin will be very important for digital payments in coming months for many years to come.

If litecoin is being used all the time why would I want to hold on to bit coin, sounds way too risky to me, I think bit coin dominance would erode

I invested in LTC and loving I was on it

@kingscrown - another outstanding post. I would like to find more about Litecoin and you made a complex topic simpler to understand. As you say, Litecoin is a fast payment cryptocurrency and will be used by more and more merchants going forward. Great post - upvoted -resteemed!

Bit coin has the big lead in recognition, isn’t the lightning network gonna fix it? I mean if there isn’t a solution of course we should look to a coin that is cheap to send and fast thoughts?

Litecoin is the best right now. Best way to cash in your SBD to LTC by using @blocktrades. Fast AF.

Exciting news for me!, i am holding some LTC and they are doing good!, also this news may have pumped the price!... go LTC!

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I think many of your posts have been accepted and I will continue to think

It certainly will be a stepping stone for the coin it's been too rumored for terrible things , cheers

Thanks for the info. Lirecoin seems very interesting while btc hangs in the balance.

It's certainly good timing for LTC, but without the addition of a lightning-like layer, it as well will suffer from the same congestion and fee problems if everyone uses it as a payment method.

I feel that Bytecoin will eventually be the anonymous alternative to Litecoin, due to it's speed, reliability and simplicity @kingscrown. This post is amazing @kingscrown!!! A minute in and you're baking $278. OOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It's Christmas all over..

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Excellent @kingscrown; Thank you very much for your post, Greetings from Vzla.!!!

Great information..... It might come to stay.

Litecoin and steem are all i hold

I wonder when some token with more utility will finally get higher value than BTC. Litecoin is a contender for sure... I suppose the whole market needs wider spread adoption. What is your opinion?

I heard about including Litecoin at Amazon Payments.
If IT is true, and will be used at real life Litecoin price will launch to the moon :)

great to shaRE.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Been tracking LTC for quite sometime and was waiting for a breakthrough.

if i say ltc have slow and stuck speed ever for payments then?
Buddy ltc are going to moon but in payments methods it have many issues. Any new thing that obey this method but not any fiat amount. @kingscrown thanks for your awesome posting.

All in all on the off chance that we take a gander at it then it is an awful news for bitcoin holders since along these lines it can again stop the development of bitcoin however for LTC certainly it is a major news.

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I agree with this post. Also, the upcoming Litepay announcement and the Litecoin Cash hard fork coming up at the end of the month is most likely also making Litecoin pump. Either way, it's agreed that it's a great transaction coin.

CheapAir adding LiteCoin is a win. Any time a company adds crypto as an accepted payments is a win. Every small step gets cryptocurrency that much more into the mainstream!

I'd rather have wished it to be Steem!

True, but I'm only afraid of the double spending. Bitpay uses the api to check if the transaction is in the blockchain. It would be super handy for local business like mine to have an app that uses an API to see check this for other payment cryptos so more local stores like mine can easily start accepting crypto.

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accomplishment & impressed!

hoping for best for litecoin.

If you truly believe litecoin will lite the way a bit of a comparison litecoin transaction cost and time are far higher than stellar. Which will make it more like bitcoin, if it sticks around it will be used as a value holder. Quite simply litecoin does not have enough coins for large transactions world wide. While lumens running on the Stellar network is poised to be a transaction coin. Anyone looking to use cryto for purchase will ultimately end up using lumens with a transaction speed of 1000 per second and a cost of less than a penny. Plus the stellar network can scale better and gets faster with higher transaction volumes. You can check it out at and compare your litecoin research. I believe I am right but only time will tell. I am a holder of both for long term. While most altcoins live on hype and non existant use cases Stellar is up and running with lots of market makers including IBM and very little hype or marketing.

Lite coin is love!!

Thoughts on thing keeps popping up in my and that is Charlie Lee(founder of LTC) selling all his holdings in LTC just days before crash/dip. To make that even more strange is the dip was then in turn just days before the launch of Litepay. He knew about Litepay but not the drop so why did he sell? Or did he know about the drop? Very well timed for whatever reason, I cannot say.

I know the timing looks a bit odd, but I don't think that multimillionaires like Lee give a sh-t about that few extra bucks with trading

Cant wait..till then

I always been a Litecoin fan , the coin has been underrated for to long.
Hope companies will take note of it's potential.

I think it will be no surprise if LTC take the lead in the micro transactions sphere. One of the key aspects of the cryptocurrencies is the low fee per transaction, witch in turn I can't say the same thing about BTC or ETH since the networks are clogging more and more this period.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how the new scalability updates on Bitcoin & Ethereum preform, but other than that LTC can take the lead.

Litecoin is going to have a strong 2018!!! Love me some Litecoin!

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So what happens when everybody's using Litecoin? Won't the Lightening network get overloaded too, or am I missing something?

What is your opinion regarding litecoin cash?

Thanks for this informative post @kingscrown

I love you. Upvoted always. Please see my ETH $2,853 prediction. See you there.
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LTC definitely has potential for it, but I don´t think it can reach the main spot to payments so fast, but if BTC and ETH don´t "get to work" we might be in the presence of a change in crypto payments.

It will great for all crypto lovers

great news, ltc is excellent coin, i usually use it as entry point for fiat

this was coming, I did not think it would be so soon

Amazing news!

Litecoin wil have a good year :) its already one of the best recovering coins this month.

I wonder if Litepay can overcome PayPal or Shopify default payment system in taxes.

Litecoin is what I use for transfers the most. Cliff High says LTC will be 1/5 the price of BTC by summer and his summer price projection is $40,000 for BTC. That would have us looking at $8,000 LTC. All because of Litepay? I have no idea but it deserves to have more of the market share than it currently has.

LTC has been handy for purchasing Steem for powering up, especially when LTC surges while Steem remains low.

ohh Good News for litecoin Holders!!!!

Thanks for imformantion

I have been seating on some LTC waiting for the lunch this February.

Nice sharing.

This isn't surprising, as LTC is much easier to use in trading! I am new to trade and still feel this way! I know that BTC is king and supposedly all that and a bag of chips, but the fees on it are still insane on a lot of exchanges!

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