Wish I bought a load of litecoin back in the beginning of 2017 would be sitting pretty now... I do think 2018 will be a good year for lite coin..

I wish i bought a load of ltc 2 weeks ago and cashed it out now, but my real world money got delayed, and now it's a bit too late to buy :/

I don't think it is not too late to buy LTC. I would think it will still outpace ETH & BTC in price growth for 2018 like what it did last year. Also it is becoming more useful as this article shows

This is such a great news. Litecoin is the next best thing to happen to crpto @kingscrown

I wouldn't get too excited about it, it's only a mild improvement on BTC technologically speaking. STEEM and EOS technology is able to send free 3 second transactions which is better than LTC will ever be able to do

you don't actually see it as an improvement on BTC right????

Just a small improvement in terms of tech and scalability

Bitcoin Cash (Z-conf transactions) would work even better, but I suppose would be a lot more controversial so far. Litecoin devs have also gotten a lot closer with Bitcoin LS (BTC) devs and community over the years and that popular and financial support certainly plays in as well when trying to establish stable business channels.

Coinbase and Bitpay payment integrations do make things a whole lot easier across the spectrum though. Dash also has some major things brewing.

So while this obviously is good for Litecoin holders and users, I'm not really jumping up and down thinking I'll use Litecoin for payments in the future.

It's amazing though how well "meme-coins" such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc and smart contract platforms utility tokens like Ethereum have done in terms of transactions volume and price. Those same coins could all have been created and run in synergy with Bitcoin and even used as a complement to scaling the main chain, but because of developer decisions were never implemented that way.

Instead we now have them as independent chains, some of which are of course mere jokes and some of which are more serious. This works, but leads to lower chain security and probably some unnecessary need for 3rd parties when transferring cross different chains.

That's because Litecoin doesn't even scratch the scale of Bitcoin. To get Litecoin, you first need bitcoin, and that bitcoin needs to be transferred to your wallet.

Ofcourse litecoin beats bitcoin, because nobody uses it except investors who swap from wallet to wallet.

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