Litecoin Hits 100 USD (Again) !

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I have been into this coin since ages - i found my transaction and bought first in 2013 before the bubble of mtgox.
It hit 100 USD lately and hit it today again. Lets have a look.

Litecoin Markets

Notice that there is some price differences between popular exchanges that need no documents ie BitFinex, Binance and Wex. I just had some fun to trade that. Make accounts at all 3 and buy/sell on price differences. Easy!


Hes one of core devs, but the tweet is gone now. We dont know whats going to happen. LTC devs (esp coblee) are known for trolling.

Now lets roll back to 2013. When BTC hit 1300 or to make it easier 1k USD, LTC got to 50 USD (55 actually but nevermind).
So with current BTC at 10k USD, LTC could follow to 500 if history repeats.

Of course we know since long time (hey we got 100 when BTC is at x10) but its some food for though.

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LTC stil has so much growth left if you compare it to DASH I believe. I could see $500 in a few years..

Although I prefer to buy low/sell high.. and double up my profits when necessary as opposed to being a HODLER.


Nice man!! This space is so exciting. I have begun discover many of these alt coins and doing the research you really can't help but put some money on even the babies with very low market caps!

we are in a bullish period right now, also on total market capitalization.

Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

I am a holder since $10 and will continue to hold through $100 as well . I’m married to litecoin and I’m faithful to it in any situation. Litecoin 🚀


That's a smart move you made here.


Thanks I really Appreciate that


You are most welcome. Keep hodling.


Oh yeah I most definitely am . No doubt about it 💪🏼


I have heard it will be on Square pretty soon. LTC is made for payments and Square is all about payments.


That would be a huge step for litecoin!!

I could see it going to $300 easy if it was on square and other services started accepting it!

Thanks for sharing. It won't be wrong to say if you have missed the Bitcoin train then don't worry we have ETH and LTC following closely.

Of course there's price difference but the growth is promising and nonetheless it's better late than never.

Upvoted you to get you closer to the price of one LTC so you could buy an extra one :)


Yes we Doo!!


Absolutely @g-dubs I appreciate your comments 👍

What was the LTC price when you bought first in 2013.. just curious to know!


2-3,5 USD


I have an old laptop somewhere, that is supposed to have a old wallet from early 2012. Really need to find that thing again.


Do it hurry! 🤑

@everittdmickey, who is 100% "in" on STEEM, uses Litecoin as the "transition coin" between STEEM and USD. It is faster and cheaper to transact with than BTC.

That alone is a reason to believe it's a reasonable source of value for the long haul, especially during a time when price of BTC stands at $10k+ each.

Bought it when it was 12$...I share your thoughts!

Owned LTC for a Looooong time ...scalped some profits when it broke through the 3 figure mark ...waiting for it to reach $130 ...soon ...very soon !!!

Litecoin has a lot of growth potential still!

A friend just told me he bought for 4 ltc yesterday in the dip. Im jealous.

Love this coin, its looking pretty good...

Dont you think four years is kind of lock to be waiting to see a return ? I am just now getting to ico's that i find to be promising . Like collectorcoin and electroneum. With one im already seeing hold backs. So what im asking is how do you know from the beginning this is the one ? Be that some many are coming out now.


A great move...thanks for update

Ltc's price still has a ways to go. It is best to hold onto your coin and ride the uptrend.

Litecoin is a fairly nice asset, been holding it since it was like 7 bucks.


You mean you are day trading on these exchanges ?




Without any upfront money ?

Bitcoin is much better than that,,,,,,, @mizanur


BTC can't handle itself with only 7 transactions at the same time.
How do you expect user adaption with those stats?

Wish we could also have such pretty predictions on steem also.

it's amazing to say

Litecoin is going to announce, something very big wait for it.

Image of Yaktocat

wow very important news
thnx for share our

Recent asic miner purchasers should be very happy if it continues this way. It also helps the resale value of the machine if they decide to exit.

Aaaand the usual question arises. Is it still worth buying in at this point, or will it just trickle back down? Only time will tell.

@kingscrown - in the case of disruptive technology, it's not always the early movers that sustain over the long term (look at search engines/browers google v/s netscape or AOL). 10 years down the line Bitcoin may still be around, but I wouldnt' be surprised if Litecoin takes the crown, given that it's technically provides a better alternative to every use case of Bitcoin, and is among the alt coins with the largest market cap.

Bought when 6$ :)

@kingscrown when SR went down about a year'ish later LTC had a media surge about being silver and BTC being gold, being new again to the industry I see how BTC fluctuates enough and LTC is still a stable enough platform.

Exciting, I hope it works out for the all the Litecoin HODLers. In this raging bull LTC has under performed its peers. Hopefully that changes late 2017 into 2018.

Great insight and post @kingscrown thanks for the post!

Good information

I am new to crypto and LTC is one of the first few cryptocurrencies I bought and it is already giving me 80% profit. Waiting for a dip to invest more in LTC.

why the big difference eth vs ltc?

Thanks for this information about Litecoin. I think also go more up.

A tremendous value move, it's time to invest in Bitcoin now or never

Wow!!!that is an unexpected move

Wow,! Day by day You are very lucky and benefited. Good luck for you.

I bought last month at $65 so I'm happy about that. Wish had more but it's what I could afford at the time. Still happy at the fact it's winning

Watch for a sea-change from Bitcoin to altcoins once Bitcoin futures open:

I made a purchase this year when it first appeared on Coinbase. Nice to see it cross $100.00 lets hope it rises like Bitcoin did this year.

I remember when it's ATH was $22 and people were freaking out when it went back down to $2.
I wish I had bought on that crash :(

Now I believe strongly into this coin.

Never regretted purchasing it back when it was still around $20. There's a lot of potential to this coin. I was about to let it go when it was around $70+ but good thing i hold it since they released some good sht news. And now, where riding the spaceship going to the moon. 🚀🌛

awsme yaar great work .
i also want to become like you dude
you are my ideal

but i dont know much about writing article or blog about anything
i am trying and taking help of my close friend who know eng very well

I am very bullish on litecoin, will be holding long term!

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

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Litecoin to the mooooooon!!!! :)

USD value says nothing. The sole reason it's at $100 is because of the rise of bitcoin. If you were to look at the LTC/BTC market you would realize that litecoin is in a downward trend.

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