Litecoin Goes to ATH and 3 Billion Marketcap

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If you read my blog its not a secret - i have always believed in LTC and i were usually day or two before saying here to buy it before it pumped. This time its no different.

Litecoin goes to 60USD+

It beat its 2013 ATH of 50USD+ and went to 62 USD.

It also passed 3 Billion USD marketcap which is another amazing number.

LTC beats Ethereum in Volume!

ETH after BTC is the most traded decentralized coin, XRP i put out of this since its based on different technology and usage (its banksters coin).

Litecoin Rocks in Fees

Currently its faster and cheaper to move money with LTC - by loads. If you wanna transfer coins to exchanges and such, use LTC and buy back whatever token you wanted to transfer (ie BTC).

Litecoin Markets

Korea and China are rocking it with a little of USD from Bitfinex keep in mind USA people shouldn't use that exchange anymore or get VPN..

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LTC compare to BTC, LTC has lower transaction fee to transfer and faster. But Steem comes with no fee and the speed, quick tranfers, split second. Both LTC and Steem reach a new mark this month.

Good point!

I'm a huge supporter of LT, hope to see it at 100$ in the near future.

If it helps (?) the language Clif High's webbot reports picked up have LTC making its way into three digits USD.

I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Not going to doubt it

eight-five dollars by 12/31 of this year.

we hit 80 tonight.. i think maybe 120 buy 12/31

Go Litecoin, woot woot! I am a Litecoin believer. I wish I owned some. :p is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

what's stopping you from gathering a few like minds in your community and owning some.

What do you think about eos?

Steem creator and EOS creator is only one person. And steem was created with no budget and only two person. While EOS now is backup by million of budget and group of people. So EOS will definitely rock the world.

really? but EOS keeps going down.

EOS shanghai conference in september - look for $2 eos then

I see the price being much higher in the future, higher than it has ever been before.

Because they issue new tokens every day and will until the middle of next year.

I feel, it is going to be a giant in the long run.



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I agree. Litecoin and Steem could see a very bright future. Tomorrow's technology, today, is the way to invest.

look my post about waves. I think is interesing currency. It have LPOS , you can earn tokens leasing your waves

Yes correct @cloudspyder! I have LTC coins... soon they will be in good rank like what happend now..

Interesting topic, I really liked your post!

LTC is the future.

There is one fact that I want to stress on your post: The fact that there is again Korea and China that are driving the market of cryptocurrency.

Bang on. Maybe the one weakness behind Steemit is that it has no Chinese following? Let me know what you think...

I would totally agree. The game is much different when you have a lot more people backing you.

no dont think that all will be fine

No the problem with litecoin is the fact that F2Pool still control more than 51% of total hashrate of litecoin and I think you know very well what does it mean for a cryptocurency

What does it mean (genuinely interested to know)?

51% Attack
What is often considered a very large flaw in the design of Bitcoin is that hypothetically, if a single entity contributed the majority of the network’s mining hashrate, they would have full control of the network and would be able to manipulate the public ledger (blockchain) at will.

It is an interesting concept because it is theoretically possible; the network is free and open, so if someone were to have enough computational power (which would cost a huge amount by itself), there is no bitcoin authority to stop them from doing so. In the event that such an attack successfully takes place, it is likely confidence in the currency would be lost and it’s value as a currency would decline rapidly.

Wait, they’d have complete control of the network?
Not quite. There’s only a couple things someone with 51% of the network hashrate could do. They could prevent transactions of their choosing from gaining any confirmations, thus making them invalid, potentially preventing people from sending Bitcoins between addresses. They could also reverse transactions they send during the time they are in control (allowing double spend transactions), and they could potentially prevent other miners from finding any blocks for a short period of time. That’s really about it – enough power to cause some serious mayhem (as that’s all stuff that isn’t supposed to be able to happen) but nothing that would seriously cripple the network – at least not immediately. They couldn’t reverse transactions from long ago, create new coins out of thin air (besides through regular mining), or steal coins from other people’s wallets.

In reality a 51% attack is feasible – especially with the rise of mining pools (groups of people mining together as a single unit). However the potential damage one could cause is small – though enough that it cause a panic that would seriously threaten bitcoin’s use as an online currency. At current network mining difficulty levels, not even large-scale governments could easily mount a 51% attack.

and I think this will hold on for the near future. We will see additional countries are going all in crypto.

Which country would you like to see go fully on a crypto currency?

Of course all countries, but this will not happen for a long period of time. It would be nice to see it in small countries, because it will have the chance to unleash all of his potential.


I mean, what are the implications of your observation?

It seems about 70% of the investment behind bitcoin is Chinese. If steem relies on the background of steemit which is predominantly english speaking with some Korean support... steemit/steem is missing 70% of potential backing? Hope that makes sense...

That does make sense but English speaking countries tend to have higher incomes. How did you arrive at 70% of potential backing? Was it a pure numerical comparison?

ohh really i just watching long but in this last 10 days i knew some thing bigger happen 100$ easy to LTC or 600 journey is possible ?


Totally agree. Big Litecoin fan. Scaled in when Charlie Lee left Coinbase to work on Litecoin full-time. He didn't disappoint. Now I'm up 40%. I'm hodl though. This interview hints at more good things to come for #LTC.

It's been going down slowly ever sense it hit it's high today. Think it will eventually be dumped or will it stabilize closer to the new high?

With its adoption and utility LTC deserves place #3. Time to overtake BCH and XRP!

Litecoin to the moon!

Bullish on Litecoin! It is the only altcoin I invested in for the long term, because Lightning Network will enable atomic swap whereby the faster and cheaper Litecoin transactions can be used to make Bitcoin payments when the network is congested.

Beside that Litecoin smaller, so new technologies can pushed trough easier. Litecoin and Bitcoin are no competition, but will be partners!

Good information friend @michiel

Are you holding any LTC? What does your portfolio look like?

I have close to 60, bought the first 30 at like 40$ then sold my 3.5 dash at a nice profit and sunk it into ltc at about 50$ so its looki g decent for me. I got ltc as a long term investment because of how stable it was (price). Super stoked i did, same with xmr.

Nice one! 20% of my folio is in btc/eth, the rest in alts or ico's.
You have any other coins?

Ya i have a nice mix of things..wish i got into it earlier but, def. a step ahead still of the general public.

It's unfortunate that the USA are being so backward in regards to crypto, it doesn't bode well for their future if they don't get on the crypto train. Later it will be going too fast for them to get on and they'll be left behind.

I held LTC for a long time, always liked what they were doing and felt they were heavily undervalued when compared to BTC. I don't hold any now because I think there is much more money to be made researching and investing wisely in ICO's which is what I'm doing with a small team.

I think both Litecoin and Monero have been undervalued in the past half year, while Ethereum and Dash took a good flight upwards. Guess the market get more efficient now with increased access to the coins and info is getting bit more transparent to the public on what Litecoin is.

I am very interested in your opinion, the important thing we are struggling to continue here we will succeed

@kingcrown ia good information .. And this artikel make me Know trafic bitcoin And etc ...

Thank You


It's a panzer

Litecoin has a great leader, Charlie Lee. It deserves its place.

Great to see, such a large increase in a short space of time

I'll listen to you more after today

litecoin 100 dollars soon

Been pounding the table on this one for bit... nice to see the train leave the station. Keep your eye on VTC and DCR too.

Nice Article in nice timing, I opened my eye on BTC and then I knew LTC after,,, I was afforded to buy only few LTC when It was only $4 less than 4 months ago, and I decided to keep them because I believed something will happen with LTC in the near future,,,
check the price now its more than 14 times doubled my initial investment.... I believe LTC would take me out of poverity soon,,,, actually I am satisfied already by the results,,, but I am looking forward to see LTC Priced at $200 before the end of the year,,, anything is possible in the world of crypto

I am a big fun of LTC and this last ATH makes me think...
...usually LTC worth about 1% of BTC does this mean that BTC price is going to 6K$
...I relay hope so

is it finally going to stay above 50

Once BTC activated SegWit I assumed the business case for LTC was gone, looks like lots of people feel differently. Can anyone tell me what LTC has to offer that BTC doesn't now that they're both running SegWit?

You can spend LTC @

4x faster that btc and 100x cheaper mining fees

both you can cash in and cash out easily on coinbase

It is not fun waiting for a bitcoun transaction to clear, litecoin its a breeze.

Try to convince people who are used to instant transactions using fiat is a big deal I think. was the reason i started buying bitcoins 18 months ago. Litecoin is much faster that bitcoin. Both litecoin and bitcoin are both faster than wanting for credit card payment to clear or a check to clear without the risk of a chargeback bounced check.

Many things my friend;

  1. BTC is the King, though SEGWIT is activated, transaction fees will be more than LTC
  2. Lightning network is prime time on LTC. That's a big thing for micro transactions. Person A to A is achievable. They are now working on person A to person Z through some party in between who has links to both A & Z. That's bit challenging so may take some time.
  3. LTC is also planning to implement stealth, i.e private transactions. Similar to Monero.
  4. Going forward LTC will have support for color coins; similar to ERC20 tokens. So ICOs could be held using LTC.
  5. The team is thinking on including smart contracts as well.

BTC will be the KING and have an application as Currency but LTC will be much more than that.
Source of LTC information: Charlie Lee's recent interview with Cypto Hedge on Youtube.

Litecoin can still handle it plus offering lower fees and it is all thanks to segwit im curious how bitcoin will go once things get fully locked in.

Interesting to see Litecoin fees are also rising (though they are still low compared to bitcoin). Just goes to show how much pent up demand there is in the cryptocurrency market.

The value of litecoin will soon be visible because it is better than most over valued altcoins... hoping for steem rising to the moon by next year-see my post for details. Thanks for your update, upped.

What's best exchange to trade ltc? Also to turn to usd?

I never like LTC but my opinion is changing everyday. The creator and the community seems very legit and a safe long term investment.

Hit it's all tiem high :) Made a post on it. Cheers Op.

Bitcoin is Gold
But Lite coin is silver :)

Go Lite coin go :) i am mining Litecoin and it is going very well i know that one day soon it will be up to 1000$ so lets see.

So far, LTC has a faster transaction speed than BTC so it makes all online transactions more affordable. I'm holding my breath on the next BTC fork and see if it can offer us a much improved version. Like most pundits have been saying, LTC could very well become a crypto coin for transactions while BTC remains as a store of values.

I am very surprised with Litecoin. I was more expecting to see it go down after the fork. I had moved them to an exchange waiting to go lowerer than $40 to trade them, but this week was surprising. Upvoted & Resteem

I used to think that litecoin was just another BTC fork.
Maybe I should check in to it.
Does anyone has good reading materials?

if i'm not mistaken litecoin is one of the oldest altcoin there , cmiiw. But recently, new altcoin like some ICO e.g BitConnect had surpassed the litecoin price , several years ago dash and ethereum have done the same, are there some potential for litecoin in the future ?

thanks, glad to know that it's faster and cheaper to move money with LTC.

I have invested in LTC feeling good on this post.

Whats your moon shot price in 1-2years on LTC?

What are your projections for the end of year? Will LTC hit $100?

It beat its 2013 ATH of 50USD+ and went to 62 USD.

And still we wait...

ill buy a few LTC this coming month, thanks for sharing @kingscrown

i don't believe so much in ltc.. atleast i believe there are better coins with more % of possible return.

...I'm up the vote !

Important infomation. Thank you. Reblogged it.

Litecoin is Just a copy of bitcoin but doing good. Good news. Thanks for update.

litecoin 100 dollars soon

Litecoin seems to have been undervalued for a very long time.

please do upvote my post.

LTCoin is awsome!

Wow, I never thought litecoin would ever reach this stage!!

I like LTC its super fast and a lot cheaper. Well I like it for certain things! Great post :0)

This is amazing, I own LTC, just a little but its very motivating to get more.

Wonderful article brother ...! Upvoted & Resteemed ,

I always said that Litecoin would come out of nowhere one day and take off.

I read your whole post i really liked it i appreciate your hard work keep it up

Great Post @kingscrown

Very informative.

Upvoted and Resteemed!

I'm pretty new to crypto and am rather excited to see it climb from when I first started monitoring it at SGD$70 to its SGD$84 status now. Rocketing soon perhaps?

LTC is an oldie but goodie, now proving it's worth with a lighter structure. Didn't used to be a big advocate, but I've seen the Lite. :)

That's a very good point you make, and I couldn't agree more! Korea and China have a great advantage in the cryptocurrency world because of the low energy power costs. And for that reason only they developed data centers that costs them almost nothing in terms of energy costs.
And with it's adoption and utility LTC deserves place #3. But I will definitely keep an eye on Litecoin as a future reference to in parallel with Bitcoin blockchain.

I guess it is still a good moment to buy LTC. 3Billions market cap is very low in a total 165B maret cap for crypto. In the future it could easily have a 5% of this market cap (8B), meaning a single litcoin price to go around 150$!

Sleeping giant LTC is on the way up to the moon.

nice post and thanks for sharing

I asked myself a question today about why all my recent crypto money movements have been in LTC not BTC and it dawned on me. It is well positioned and I am probably not the only one doing so. Now I know I'm not. :)

With all the talk about Bitcoin, lots of attention is being placed on that coin and to be honest it is just too inefficient to ignore. Even Steem has the potential to be a better money transfer coin than any of the coins out there.

Glorious Blazing time ahead ;)

Stoked I am holding some... I'm sure not as much as you, but still great to see this 20% rise. :)

I read, though, that Litecoin was never intended to go massive in value - that it's not one that's going to make you super rich in the long term (I think this is what Charles Lee said), and it's intended to do things differently from Bitcoin (which is quite clear from its speed and cost).

I think it's a great hold that may well increase in value but then stabilise, and is definitely worth buying in the dips - but I don't think Litecoin will be worth as much as Bitcoin, ever, and might not even reach Ethereum's heights. What do you say?

Sorry brother you're wrong... Charlie Lee never said anything of the sort. BTC, LTC, and ETH and all 3 great investment opportunities. LTC has a faster growth rate potential, but best to diversify your risk. "Litecoin's long term bull case is better than Bitcoin's. You will miss out if it's not in your portfolio @BKBrianKelly! Trust me. 😁" - Charlie Lee

SatoshiLite Charlie Lee tweeted @ 16 Aug 2017 - 23:15 UTC

Litecoin's long term bull case is better than Bitcoin's. You will miss out if it's not in your portfolio……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ok cool. I'm only going on what I've read elsewhere, in numerous places, and heard on YouTube. I own LiteCoin so if it does go through the roof, awesome.

Check this out, and gooogle some others. You'll see disagreement about its design, and more about the silver/gold comparisons. :)

I say you are correct. My gut says litecoin is manipulated to stay
~65x lower than bitcoin (~ratio of gold/silver manipulation) so really limits its growth potential.

Manipulated by whom?

The cryptocurrency markets barely compare, at all, to the scale of actual gold/silver, and the comparisons of BTC=gold and LTC=silver are definitely more metaphorical than accurate.

Doing a happy dance!!!

ltc up to 150$

Thank you for this post! Bought some Litecoin before it shot up.

Great article - Resteemed

LTC is up 3400% since June, for more details on this and other crypto, click the link below

I still think that litecoin is extremely undervalued at the moment,
Amazing to see the huge gain it has made with the pump from Korea and China. Maybe we will see new ATH as time goes on.

I believe very soon litecoin will be no 2 just a waiting game now.

Waao i think litecoin would be the next dash or maybe ethereum,thanks for the information sir @kingscrown and congratulations for completion of your 10k Followers :) LogoLicious_20170828_075233.png

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nice. Upvote

yes crypto currencies are going so far i loved ur calculations and u describe breifly followed and upvoted u especting the same as well thankyou

That is fantastic price performance by Litecoin

LTC beats Ethereum in Volume OMG !!

Getting me some. Just waiting for $$. Thanks for the awesome info!!

I'm glad i'm on board already :)
Have a nice ride up! Peace :)

Although I do not know English, I translated the text from Arabic to English in order to understand the content of the text
Thank you dear for this valuable information

Hello bro i read your entire post i really liked it i upvoted your post and appreciate your hard work keep doing what you are doing excel in this field keep it up!

followed you. Thanks for updation. kindly have a look on my post. youir one click can change my life. resteem m post if you can. try spread my post as much you can. i really in need of help from all stemians communit.,

Very nice post .i think it will go on 100$ in 5 days may be i am wrong friends

Bitcoin is too slow. Litecoin is where its at!!

I truly believe Litecoin too, especially after seeing something posted by Charles Lee. I know he's doing the stuff, instead of pumping the stuff.


I'm not in on Litecoin, but good to see a coin rising on it's own merits. Congrats on the gains to everyone holding LTC, well deserved!

I have some stashed Litecoins. This is improvement and I also hope for better .

Keep the news and tips coming, I can use all the information I can get.

Thanks for this important information.

Yup i am pretty Happy with my little coin XD

Very good post, but I see that's it's earning $500 why I earn just 12 from this post : Is there just robots on steemit ? no people ?

Can somebody support steemit baby by upvoting it ?