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News. Litecoin Cash soon....!!!

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Bullishit. What's the USP? A more centralized mining algorithm and a higher supply? That's it? Nobody will ever use these forked shitcoins without major (!) innovations.

Only Bcash can hold it's position quite well, because it has famous supporters and is therefore backed by a lot of money. Anyway if LN will work as expected we'll see the same happen to bcash as to bgold. A slight decrease of the price over time until it dissapears. If LN will fail - which is still quite possible- it's kind of a life saving investment to hold some bcash.

Nothing of that is true for lcash, just another useless fork.

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lcash will go the same way of lgold

Nice speculation there, because that's all it is speculation. I'm all for people sharing their opinion but you are just being an arsehole for the sake of being an arsehole.