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Today's i am going to to join Liquidity Network article writting contest organised by @originalworks


What is Liquidity Network :

Liquidity Network is financial based Ecosystem which leads exchange service.its a financial intermadiary offering payment and exchange service.and Liquidity Network have a crucial speciality that able to give support million of users securely. Its also able to reducing transaction cost importantly anf capabling and its a main syream adjustment of socila blockchain.


what is Liquidity Exchange:

You know that whole world have a lots of exchange system but you have not able to find comfortable ecosystem exchange. You know Liquidity Exchange is a non-custodial off chain Exchange build on top of the liquidity Network. The liquidity exchange help you while ypu want to performing atomic sweaps off chain. And such as exchange is resistant to blockchain congestion and high transaction i hope you exchange comfortablely any kinds of things as your wish.


Photo taken Liquidity Network WhitePaper

Liquidity Network Academic Innovation :

Liquidity network symbosis between two novel academic innovation these are
1.Novel Payment Features
2.Novel Exchange Features


Novel Payment Features:

1.its offer instant and off chain channel establishment .
2.No Crypto Needed
3.its allows any member of payment hubs
4.payment transaction fees Zero


Liquidity Mobile


Novel Exchange Features :

1.its provides more stable and professional service level.
2.its exchange without holding user fund
3.resistant to excessive on-chain transaction fees.


Network of Hubs:

Liquidity Network support to multiple network payment hubs that can be able to interconnect and like as traditional payment channel. Two users of different payment hubs are eligible to purpose of cahin.


Main Features of Liquidity Network

3.simplicity right locked and exchange
5.instant payment
7.No Custodian
8.felxible fees
10.peer reviewed research.

Photo Liquidity Network WhitePaper


LQD token is a best token in the world. lQD token primary purpose is to be used to over premium features in the Liquidity Network its a able to process high number of transaction per second.

Liquidity Network Airdrop:

1.No transaction cost
2.No custodian required
3.million of users for airdroping
4.instant drop enable drop enable
6.high secure
7.private key leakage.

Liquidity Network TEAM:PhotoEditor_20190105_124739106.jpg

More Information & Resources:

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