Link Sharing - Let's Learn From the Aid's Distribution of Natural Disaster

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Let’s check the description first

Sometimes we have to learn about the distribution items to help the victims of natural disaster. When the communication network was loosing, but we need to track the delivery of relief goods to arrive immediately. So, we can distribute evenly to help victims of the natural disaster. However, in reality, we cannot track the items because there is no transparent system. Cheating can happen at any time, under any circumstances. Indeed we cannot blame only those who have distribution services, but most cases of deficiencies in the delivery of goods are due to the behavior of the sending person with the distribution service who is manipulating on the data of the send items.

BitNautic offers solutions for data security in distribution and shipping at low costs. And they match with in the investment and payment process, as well as a currency exchange. Means that, if we send 100 units of the item, then the victims can receive 100 units too. Other things, we can directly pay through BTNT tokens which is the official BitNautic token using a smart contract. We can also check shipping data, and track off the goods. This is a new system that uses blockchain technology.

Because of the uniqueness of the system, finally, I made a campaign on social media that I have, and invite anyone to learn. Especially learning about a system of the blockchain's transparency, then you will know how amazing the system was.

Please learn about the system here.

Relevant Links
After reading an article about BitNautic and in Medium blog, I give the response and clap that blog, then I made campaign through my social media like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then I made comments on the group discussion on the social media too.

Please check the links

Medium :

Instagram :

Twitter :

LinkedIn :

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Comments, shares and likes to another

I have interacted with other people who discuss shipping, transparent data, and investment. Please check my "claps" and response in medium blog history here and here.

Campaign Results

· I learned about the results of this campaign. LinkedIn and Instagram are good media social for the campaign to reach a different kind of people all around the world. One thing for sure is, on LinkedIn or Instagram, there are a lot of investors who will be interested in investing in a blockchain system.

· These are the metrics that I made for this campaign


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