Progress on #LightTheWorld with lots of contributions inside.

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We have had a great response from the community both in comments and long post contributions.

How are your efforts to #LightTheWorld going so far, share with us some of your experiences in the comments below.

Has it brought about a little change in your life? in your attitude towards life? or in the life or outlook of others?

Has it helped to have a slightly more focused outlook in this run up to Christmas? do you think your Christmas will be different this year?

Please don't necessarily share with us what you did, but elaborate on what your experience was and how it made you feel.

Have you seen other people using the tag on other platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Did you bump into any awesome stories over there?

For me so far its been great reading and voting for all your comments and seeing the creativeness in the posts. Its also been great to see we have been getting posts everyday and many of them are being rewarded, not just by my voting but by others voting as well.

I will continue monitoring the #lighttheworld hashtag and will be throwing all spare voting power in that direction, to comments and posts.

If you decide to participate using your own top level post, please just insert the days video, theme and link, as I have done. The rest is up to you and lets see how creative and positive a contribution we can all make.

I will however be monitoring and voting within the tag on all days, not just 3, 6, 9, 11 etc.

Today I voted on

For day 6... I selected

Day 3 I gave this one a big vote

Sorry I cant vote for all... because many are great contributions but its good to see that most contributions are getting some sorts of votes.

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As a non-Christian. I wish all people who do celebrate Christmas a "Merry Christmas". In the United States, many Jews do "celebrate it" in a non-religious kind of way anyway. Here in Israel, there are not THAT many Christian citizens any more and they are missed. It is always a "sign of the season" to hear Christmas music, caroling, Christmas trees and the like. We just don't have much of that around here.


That's a great Comment @gavvet and thanks to you @simivallyjeff53 I appreciate your comments


Sure. Thank you.

Nice post sir, As we prepare for Christmas we should know that, Christmas is not just all about food but contributing and touching someone's life possitivily.

We well remember the good deeds that others have done for us. To believe in good, we must start doing it. That's when I do something good for people, I see how nice it is for them and it's getting so good on my soul and I know that the day is not for nothing that people will remember me a kind word.

Hi friend I had missed all these opportunities to share my thoughts about. I want to ask if I can take part in it now? I find the tag very impressive one ,so would like to share me too, please reply about it.


go for it

In life, we do not walk like scissors, although straight but separating what has come together, be like a needle though piercing and painful but can unite what has been separated.


nice quote

i m hindu but still wish u happy christmas
Consequently the Christmas being updated rather than previous, because the world as well more initiative day by day, i hope so vary distance in futures years... @gavvet

I am non-Christian also our country low peoples here in Christians. But i don't think so. I am together with them and try to provide what's the Christmas real meaning. I really like to your #lighttheworld campaign it's really helped to me changed my mind. I thinks this year onward give some helpful service to poor peoples and parent loses kids.
I join with christian citizens in this season, enjoying with those, attend carol program and other catholic activities. But cannot accept huge parties. It would be more money wasting. Why we will not help others? look at some poor peoples. They haven't house, foods, love , happiness or any other things. If you have my opinion I highly appreciate. Keep going always with helpful wisdom.
Absolutely great work you providing here with #lighttheworld @gavvet.

My own experience has been that I have noticed a lot of people who I've not seen commenting on @gavvet posts before, now making posts on #lighttheworld. I feel they had seen a resteem of thus post, and got so connected to the mission, and probably had a reorientation about Christmas, and then, went about carrying out what we've talked about here.

This post has really changed my view on what to do this Christmas. I and my family always had a routine of what we normally did, and giving was usually not part of it. We gave during other times of the year, but not Christmas.

This #lighttheworld has made me change this mindset. We now can't wait to embark on this new journey. We feel so good knowing that we are going to bless a lot of lives this Christmas.

We have all the things we need already set, just waiting for Christmas day.
Thanks a lot for this experience, it's worth more than gold.

Matt 25 vs 35-40,

''For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me water; I was a stranger and you invited me into your homes; naked and you clothed me; sick and in prison, and you visited me.”
The Righteous: “Sir, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you anything to drink? Or a stranger, and help you? Or naked, and clothe you? When did we ever see you sick or in prison, and visit you?”

I can never forget the feeling I had when I went out last year on a giving spree. It was like I had given the person the whole world. So when I saw this post, I was certain it was another opportunity to feel this way.

And I have made up my mind to work this Christmas with Goodwill and Salvation Army.
I have so many stuffs, especially from last Christmas that I have not or barely used. So, I'll be giving away gently used (or unused) bread makers, musical instruments, exercise equipment, or whatever else a momentary state of delusion led me to purchase. If i haven't used it or sold it in all these years, it's highly unlikely i ever will. I learnt that Goodwill uses the sales proceeds from donations to fund job training programs and placement services for people facing various employment challenges and the Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers are funded 100% by the profits of their stores.

I already feel good at the thought of this, knowing that I'll be a blessing to at least one soul this Christmas.

Indeed, it is through giving that we enrich and perpetuate both our own lives and the lives of others.

No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anna frank

True wealth is not acquired through earthly possessions, but by leading a fulfilling life. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing i have made a palpable difference in the lives of other people.

Giving to others might take money out of my wallet, but it could mean the difference between life and death for some people. I may never know how far a dollar might go. A tiny stone can create a massive ripple when thrown into water at the right moment.

This initiative has made me feel so good. I have done some of giving and I feel so good. Humans are an inherently social species. We have survived and thrived because we take care of one another.

Generosity is, in part, a survival instinct. Even the simple act of sharing food or shelter with another person is an example of humanity's intrinsic generosity. If we were an overwhelmingly selfish species, we would've gone extinct a long time ago.

By giving to one another, we have prolonged the survival of the human community.

This is really a noble adventure. I will surely give again, cos I want to feel good again.

Consequently the Christmas being updated rather than previous, because the world as well more initiative day by day, i hope so vary distance in futures years... @gavvet


Just cant wait for it

Some nice piece of information!

Yes, I think my Christmas is different this year and this is due to the profits I made this year
Thank you, O God
Happy cristmas for all

happy cristmas...
light house of the light....


The eve of Christmas is reconciliation, so that we are united. For me, this time it will be in the hands of God, I received medical news and I hope it will be resolved. But you know something? We are never helpless, I have received support and that has been my joy.

Thanks so much for sharing. Learnt alot and had time to share my own point of view. Light the world, you are the best. @gavvet thanks so much, you made me smile on steemit.

Life is so simple and what makes you smile then keep it.

It's a great Christmas theme, it's a holiday we always have for family and fun! This year I think that too it will pass all perfectly, there will be a good table of food and drinks and a holiday we will succeed! Thank you @gavvet

a great and great post, thanks for sharing.

Good post thanks for sharing this post
Merry Christmas @gavvet

nice post lighttheworld it's great Christmas theme.

I found Day 12 very difficult to write.

Mourning is devastating. I know one cannot mourn alone. They shouldn't, it is very dangerous. I also know Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year.

I am in mourning. And alone with noone to talk with, noone near anyway. My people live far away. And it's Christmas, and I have never felt more lonely in my life than right now.

From the reception I received from that post, it appears my emotions poured out into my words, those who commented said they became very emotional after reading.

Even though it was hard to write, I needed to write it. It helped to share my pain in a way where I wasn't talking about myself and instead writing in a way for others to think about themselves and their own realities, and to look outward at those who surround them.

Day 12 was a little bit healing to write. I went to bed not long after and woke up feeling a little bit lighter <3

My religion is Buddhism, but I respect Christian and the way you are doing in this Christmas time and the way you people are helping others! It's amazing and a great example for whole world! I just read all articles that you upvoted in last 3 days! All are giving a valuable message to the entire world! Absolutely a brilliant idea to use this tag with our articles!

God bless you all and merry X'mas!

Nice one. Thanks.

we can imagine how cold the children are out there, because they are victims of war in Syria.

Nice post sir, As we prepare for Christmas we should know that, Christmas is not just all about food but contributing and touching someone's life possitivily.

Firstly I tell you all Catholics Merry Xmas to you and all around steemians and keep a smile every-time. #lighttheworld is most attractive hashtag. I appreciate and salute you. Thanks for giving opportunity for sharing my ideas with all around friends.
I seen many more Xmas trees. It's very delightful at Xmas day night time. Keep in tough with this tag and go for donate foods and other human needs.
Another one....If have ability give some foods for animals.
Very important conversation... Thank you @gavvet.

@gavvet - Sir this community has a lot of good people, so we all wishes for your excellent concept to be successful.... The world needs people like you do.... Then we could build the heaven upon us Sir.... Wish you a merry Christmas Sir....

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Lighttheworld it's really great!

I see #lighttheworld post. Really great work @gavvet. We all know we have good and success life. Not success anyone & someone luckily to win success. But haven't find any people 100% completed. We have wrong sometimes not always. We have only few life time. Finally happened our death.
So think carefully in one calm place with our life.
I seriously think this Christmas will be very different from another years. Your hashtag posts really change my brain. Now I think only to do most important and valuable work. I can be change my worst attitude in this season like as drink alcohol & smoke.
Now I already think I will help to others and save my money from bad attitudes. Thank you sir for changed my life.

Interesting, will try it in my next post. Thanks

Maybe this christmas don't change something because in life don't change people who you work with them or do something with them , so to change something maybe can just if change your place where you live , this is my idea .

Good photos, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Good post sir,..esta bueno tus palabras amigo excelente...

Salvation is the best gift a man can ever have..... Thank God am save

great topic,i love to read,very good job.that's a great sharing
thanks for the post

We nicely remember the coolest deeds that others have finished for us. To believe in proper, we ought to start doing it. this is once I do some thing appropriate for human beings, I see how best it's far for them and it is getting so correct on my soul and that i know that the day isn't always for not anything that people will keep in mind me a kind phrase.

There is to many children in the world without food and shelter. We all should donate some of our clothes to those in need. I try to do it every winter

I actually did see it. I don't know what is it about tho. can anyone mind to explain?


I was wondering about the exact same thing, although I guess I will find out if I look through the Steemit archives:)

Noel in çok farklı olacağını düşünmüyorum. Her zaman ki gibi olmabilir. Barış içinde olsun.

Interesting facts, thank you for sharing this.

Excellent All the words were wonderful worth the daily follow up

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Great post, keep it up. Lightening the world!

This is awesome and well package

nice post.... in this run up to xmas i think we should make it more about reaching out to others who might be in need

Merry Christmas :) i wish you a happy new year :)

This was such a wonderful idea. Thank you and may you be blessed for doing good to the people here on steemit.

I am following you on Steemit and please you follow me on steemit

We do not live once, but live every day. That once it died !, then as long as not dead then always keep doing the best for others.

I will try to writting about #lighttheworld..

''We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.' ' - Winston Churchill

I find great satisfaction in giving back to the world around me. Many of us are far more privileged than others, and when we become aware of that, we often have an innate desire to help the less fortunate.

After all, we can't move forward as a species when such a significant number of people are left to suffer in the shadows.

Thanks so much for this mission, it brings to mind a remembrance to give in this season, and I vantage just wait for this. I feel so good just at the thought.

Thanks #lighttheworld


nice quote from old Churchill. thanks


Thanks so much for the reply. Am Glad you liked it.

good informations @gavvet
thank you for sharing

Great post sir..i always see your post..thanks for sharing us..resteem post check my profile

Perhaps the reason it feels so good to give is that we know, deep down, that even an individual can change the world. All it takes is one small act of kindness.

I feel so good knowing i can change the world and make it a better place no matter how small.

Am really anticipating the Christmas season. I can't wait to get the warm and good feeling of putting a smile on something else's face.

No one has ever become poor by giving.- Anne frank

Thanks a lot #lighttheworld

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Not because of what we can get, but because of what we can give.

For those who will be giving to charitable organizations, the Internet is a powerful entity, and it can be used to ensure that charitable donations end up where they will be most effective.
Hence, don't just give because it's satisfying, do a bit of research beforehand,so that your funds will be put to maximum use

Poverty is the worst form of violence. - Mahatma Gandhi

Impoverishment not only robs people of their dignity, it threatens their very existence. It can also lead to political and social unrest, and even war.

Some Americans might argue that they would rather the government spend more on defense than foreign aid, in the sense that it goes towards our protection. Yet, when poverty makes the world less stable, we are all less safe.

It's also true that there is evident poverty within the United States that also requires imminent attention. This is a fair point. Yet, in this globalized world, we have to view poverty as a borderless problem.

I'll advice that even as we give, we should also locate organizations that give to other countries that are less financially blessed than America.
It could help ease up some financial pressure, making the whole world a better place.

Such a great response to this post and tag @gavvet ! I would love to check it out ! On my way to #lighttheworld now , it sounds awesome !! 👍👍👍💕

This sounds awesome @gavvet ! Im on my way to check out your @lighttheworld tag and those chosen links you posted ! I would love to see what its all about ! Merry Christmas !

Hello @gavvet, thank you for this initiative that you had to motivate many of this platform to do good this Christmas, it is very nice to bring even more the good news of our Lord Jesus. I know that in one way or another many are being ministered with these publications and they are coming together in a world of peace and love, as our Heavenly Father wants.
Thank you once again, because they have given me another opportunity to contribute something for everyone and learn from you.
What if my Christmas is going to be different? Yes, God the Father is the one who sustains me and every day I thank people like you for supporting us. I live in VENEZUELA, and as every expert knows that we are going through a process and only the brave will have the victory. We are many warriors of God who are here fighting in the battle but happy because God will give us VICTORY.
I found incredible stories; but I have little time to comment, one of the ones that moved me was @giantbear, LightTheWorld 6, another one was @mathusalem, LightTheWorld 3 and 7, the one from @cindycam LightTheWorld 6, @hanshotfirsty LightTheWorld 5 and many more that I could not comment. God bless you

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Thanks for the cool initiative gav

Be happy it will be very simple, if we always appreciate what has been achieved even the slightest. thank you I am still faithful to follow you and as one of the witnesses. Please forgive me if I am not active because we are flooded at the end of the year

Hello brother @gavvet , every day we breathe and every second that goes on in our life is a blessing from God Almighty
Therefore, thank God things are going well

#LightTheworld..Sharing is my way in light the world hastag.. especially sharing about steemit to my university students. Tomorrow i Will tell you and all steemians about my way in #LightTheworld especially on how steemit make the students earn money to support their finance.

@gavvet you are busy with #lighttheworld. Definitly it's very nobel idea but I really miss your evolution of adam series.!!

Light the world! Yay we passed 500 upvotes!

Excellent, I've definitely prepared to do my 9th day post. Btw, i´ll follow u

Hi friend thanks for giving me the great opportunity to share my feelings with the people in your greatest tag. You are a great personality who has the great motives to bring the light to the world.please pardon me if I am wrong with this thought. The link of my post is as follows you a very beautiful time in your life.

Christmas for me is one of the most importants moments in a year. It's not just spending time with your family, but also you have the chance of doing somonelse Christmas a better one. To those how cannot affort one. As I see things Christmas should be every day, not the celebrate, but the spirit.

Just recently a good colleague & friend of mine told me about his story of life and I recognized that he´s not having it too easy. He´s taking care of his family while missing out on his own needs and dreams, while the only thing he desires most is to visit his friends in Belgium.

I´ve been really moved as I´ve got to know his story and started an initiative on Steemit to collect enough funds to make his humble dream come true. As soon as I can get the money from the below Post I´ll hand it over to him bringing him closer to his dream and hopefully as well on Steemit.

Unfortunately I haven´t entered the post in your #lighttheworld tag but maybe it gets your attention anyways.

We properly do not forget the good deeds that others have executed for us. To accept as true with in proper, we need to begin doing it. it truly is once I do something good for humans, I see how nice it is for them and it is getting so suitable on my soul and i recognize that the day is not for nothing that humans will don't forget me a type phrase