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RE: Clearing Up All of The Misconceptions About the Lifestyle Tribe

in #lifestyle2 years ago (edited)

Would like very much to hear your position @khaleelkazi , on the daily, regular ACTIFIT reports, posted with the #lifestyle tag.
Especially those with just a few lines of text, and not even a single photo.

I see some already in the HOT and TRENDING sections.
Do they not deserve a downvote?
If they get success, soon we will have hundreds and thousands of them.

ACTIFIT allows unlimited number of tags ( correct me if not) , so why not include #lifestyle, along with

sct sct-en sct-freeboard ctp neoxian palnet liv bilpcoin iv mediaofficials int upfundme lassecash jjm marlians battle actnearn sportstalk zzan

I believe this TREND should be stopped at the very beginning.


But haven't actifit users been around using the Lifestyle tag longer than the lifestyle tribe? It may be hard to change the habit of using a fitness based app with a lifestyle tag. Perhaps another good reason the onelife tag may have been a better choice?

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