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It's a beautiful Sunday morning and we're about 2 days in since the creation of the #lifestyle tribe.

The attention and activity has been crazy to follow. Clearly, a tribe about #lifestyle fills a deep desire here on Steem.

As we've said before: the original use case of social media was to share your #lifestyle. To talk about where you went to eat, who you loved spending time with and what desires you had each and every beautiful day that you get on this amazing planet.

What is Lifestyle About?

Many have asked questions related to content on lifestyle. "so just another 'everything goes' tribe?"

Everything does not go here on lifestyle and we have put quite a bit of thought into how we want to moderate the community.

Since it's only been 2 days, you haven't seen this moderation plan very much and we will soon release a full spectrum moderation plan for the community to review and post accordingly.

As a preview to what the guidelines will discuss in detail:

  1. Users who post content that is related to their #lifestyle can post on our tag
  2. Users who spam by posting numerous times a day for the clear purpose of draining the rewards pool will be warned, flagged and eventually muted if they do not stop
  3. Flagging will be our primary way to moderate. If we see high rewards on a post, we will look deeply into the post and the creator of that post. If we deem that the rewards are too high for the quality of the post, then we will flag it down to what we consider an appropriate level

We'll focus on moderating the extreme cases. Someone who's making 100 LIFESTYLE a day by posting blurry pictures of the sky with no text obviously can't continue to abuse the rewards pool with no consequences.

This is a subjective tribe. #lifestyle is a broad topic. BUT... common sense still comes into play. We all know what "good" content looks like and we all know what "shit" content looks like too.

Who Created Lifestyle?

A ton of people have asked who we are and who is really behind this project.

The original idea for #lifestyle was created by me and my best friend. We came up with this idea a few weeks ago after listening to a podcast episode in which Twitter and other social medias were analyzed at their inception. The core idea was talking about how everyone thought Twitter was no big deal because people were just posting things like "I just went to this pizza shop and bought a slice!"

We're 2 college students in the U.S. and for obvious reasons, we wanted to keep our real names off this project. Others have asked "why not share your Steem names"... Well, our Steem names are the same as our real names, so that doesn't really work.

We could have gone out and created 2 new Steem accounts to represent ourselves, but ironically, we didn't want it to seem like we were creating some sort of elaborate web of lies by saying that these 2 newly created accounts formed a tribe called Lifestyle.

We didn't have the STEEM nor the knowledge of Steem-Engine to setup and successfully create a tribe on our own, so we sought out @khaleelkazi after discovering the tribe he created and the other tribes that he had advised.

He is an investor/advisor to us through his LABS project which he hasn't yet announced officially. His description of it is:

"Think of LABS as a startup incubator for aspiring businesses/tribes on Steem."

He's not very involved with the day to day operations of lifestyle. We simply go to him with questions and he helps us with whatever we need. He's obviously a busy guy with all the things he's doing over at Steemleo and he doesn't have time to help us with small issues. The top-level ideas and funding are clearly his specialty and that's why we sought him out in the first place.

Is Lifestyle An Exit Scam?

Alright, here is the biggest question that we've gotten. This question is well-placed when you factor in all the past happenings of Steem like DLive, dice games and similar issues. Exit scams are a big deal in all crypto projects.

We are far from an exit scam, but it's hard to explain that unless you could see in our heads and see what we want to do with the #lifestyle tribe.

The only real way to show that we aren't just raising STEEM to eventually dump it and leave is by powering up the STEEM earned from LIFESTYLE and LM sales. Apart from that, we don't really know how else to show you that we're here to stay. Actions speak louder than words.

Lifestyle Discord Server

We have been working behind the scenes to organize a Discord server and were planning to release it a few days from now.

Since we've gotten so many questions, we figured now is probably the best time, so here's the link to join:

Other Questions?

If there are any other lingering questions, just ask us in discord as it will be easier. If we get the same question a few times, then we can do another post like this to clear the air.

Thank you for supporting us and thanks for sharing your best #lifestyle!


good project by implementing one's lifestyle. I like this project. I will make lifestyle tokens as my greatest strength in Steemit.

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Thanks! Will be cool to see your #lifestyle!


The idea of the "Lyfestyle" tribe is great and was waiting for it to come up. Congratulations to the creators!

I would like to give you some suggestions, as a very old Steem user (I have been here for 3 years) to you, who in my view do not have so much "road" walked on this Blockchain:

I favor and support anonymity, but at Steem we are dealing with people and money. Trust here is everything, so it would be nice to reveal your "ID's".

The first warning is not a flag, but rather a comment on the post of such "abuser" and if it persists, the flag is legitimate.

We are talking about a "free market" and I don't see flags giving an author just because he posts flower photos.

Big hug from Brazil and success, Lyfestyle! 🍺

Thanks, we are loving all the feed back so keep it coming! We may change our minds on that at some point in the future, but once we do, we can never go back. That's why we're playing that move a little bit on the slow side. And about flagging -- totally necessary to be careful about how we moderate the content. It's also important to note (as we will in the comments) -- that flagging is only taking LIFESTYLE rewards off the post and don't affect any other rewards whatsoever.

A flag even from the lifestyle tribe has more effect than just removing rewards cos that flag appears on steem (or on steemit) and not everyone posts about life in a bid to earn rewards. Not everyone is on steem for rewards. One can be here for privacy and for tons of other reasons besides rewards especially when it comes to posts about life or lifestyle. So a flag will have more effect than you may know and especially for people using steemit without knowledge of a tribe

I was there before we hit 10 members. Please once you jump in, look for my comment and give it a thumbs up!!

Welcome to Discord

woot woot! we saw that and appreciate you :)

How can I get voting power within #lifestyle ? I don't have too much steem at the moment, but I would like to give more strength to this project. And right now, the power of my vote is zero.

Hi garcianieto! We will be doing continuous slow-drops to various users and then the other way to get power is to post content and (if you want) buy LIFESTYLE off the market and power it up. We'll be curating content regularly from the new feed though!

One question, is it necessary to do stake Lifestyle Miner?

I definitely think so :-))

Yep, as anttn said: gotta stake it :)

Thanks bro!, For sure there should be a line of value because at the end of the day content represents the Community or Tribe and it should be genuine and original. Keep up.

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The only real way to show that we aren't just raising STEEM to eventually dump it and leave is by powering up the STEEM earned from LIFESTYLE and LM sales.

Very smart move on your side.

Thanks celestal the more SP the more we can reward your #lifestyle ;)

I write two daily articles about my coin collection, one in English and the other in Portuguese. I have written almost a thousand articles since I started posting in Feb 2018 and I have raw material for another thousand articles, at least.
Is #lifestyle an acceptable tag to be used in my articles?

I hope @khaleelkazi can clarify this by giving this post a reply.

Why bring up the question who is behind the project if you are not going to answer that question?

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Would like very much to hear your position @khaleelkazi , on the daily, regular ACTIFIT reports, posted with the #lifestyle tag.
Especially those with just a few lines of text, and not even a single photo.

I see some already in the HOT and TRENDING sections.
Do they not deserve a downvote?
If they get success, soon we will have hundreds and thousands of them.

ACTIFIT allows unlimited number of tags ( correct me if not) , so why not include #lifestyle, along with

sct sct-en sct-freeboard ctp neoxian palnet liv bilpcoin iv mediaofficials int upfundme lassecash jjm marlians battle actnearn sportstalk zzan

I believe this TREND should be stopped at the very beginning.

But haven't actifit users been around using the Lifestyle tag longer than the lifestyle tribe? It may be hard to change the habit of using a fitness based app with a lifestyle tag. Perhaps another good reason the onelife tag may have been a better choice?

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Welcome guys
I feel the best intentions.
To know if you can trust someone. You have to trust first.
I love the concept, I already subscribed and I comment and vote publications.
My feed is only two members, but I will change it.
I love healing and I love that people are happy and look for ways to make others happy.
From me, Upvote, reSTEEM and monitoring.
Stay cool

Be careful about how you moderate contents. I think it should be based on the content type, not based on high/low reward from a post. If it's going to be based on reward amount, make sure you have clear rules on that. e.g., max number of reward cannot exceed X. I don't think word count is a good idea either, it just demotivates people's interest in your token.

The high reward should be appropriate if the content type is alright, given that some investor of LIFESTYLE is spending their power to upvote, and authors are spending their time to make a post.
I don't like what realityhubs is doing, downvoting whatever they can including comments, and eventually even disabled upvoting comments. This is for sure going to get lots of token reward for content creators, but what about token holders? They can upvote a post then later have no reward due to the moderation. There's not even enough posts to upvote for...
When people don't want to hold the token, the large payout to content creators has no market value.

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What do you mean for "Obvious Reasons!?" There is no reason what so ever to not want to say your names and who you are. What are your Obvious reasons!?
Anyways , other then the very low post payouts, I think my very first post only made 1 cent lol , even though I upped your first intro. post at 100% and resteemed it, I do like the concept and will be posting daily as most of my posts are about Country living Lifestyle / cooking and BBQ etc. Best of luck to you 🙋😎

Lol. That 1 cent was from me! Anyways, it looks like your more recent posts are doing much much better.

Hahaha, Thanks for the vote it's much appreciated and the thought that counts more then anything else! 👍😄

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Hi, are you going to give some rewards on the coins staked, even without active posting?

Life is something everyday!
So / seems that everything can be a lifestyle!
lifething !