25% APR on STEEM POWER Delegations | Delegate SP and Support #Lifestyle Content While Burning LIFESTYLE Tokens

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We did a soft announcement of PoD (Proof of Delegation) in our introduction post. Here is the full guide to how PoD works for the #lifestyle tribe and how we maintain a 25% fixed APR to delegators.


  1. Delegate SP to @one.life
  2. Earn a fixed 25% APR on the SP delegation, paid out in LIFESTYLE tokens
  3. Support the LIFESTYLE token economy (75% of SP curation rewards are used to buy LIFESTYLE off the market and burn it, creating an ongoing and scalable sink for our token)

As it stands, dlease.io is one of the best marketplaces for leasing out your STEEM POWER. You can also delegate SP to various bots an earn a return. The only downside to this is that you don't always know how the SP is getting used by the other party.

For #Lifestyle, we wanted to create a way for delegators to earn a great ROI (Dlease ROIs typically go for around 19-20% APR) and also provide a means to growing a real community and token economy.

Proof of Delegation (PoD):

The LIFESTYLE rewards pool is split as 40% PoB, 40% PoM and 20% PoD.

20% of the total LIFESTYLE rewards pool is automatically being distributed for the purposes of PoD. We then calculate a fixed 25% ROI for the delegators to @one.life based on SP delegated and also using the current market price of LIFESTYLE (recalculated each day).

Time for an example!

If you delegate 1,000 SP then you will earn the equivalent of 250 STEEM a year (25% APR), paid out in LIFESTYLE tokens which will use a price snapshot at the time of distribution each day.

So 1,000 SP delegated today would result in a payout of ~5.02 LIFESTYLE tokens per day (@ an average market price of .14) = 0.7028 STEEM per day = 256.522 STEEM per year.


So how could we sweeten the pot even more? We brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of using 75% of the curation rewards earned by @one.life to buy LIFESTYLE off the market and burn it.

We may recalculate this number and adjust it higher if we see the need, but our test runs have shown that a 75/25 split is good for both building the native SP of One.Life and still burning a large portion of tokens on an ongoing basis.

So 25% goes to building @one.life's native SP and the other 75% goes directly to the market to buy LIFESTYLE and burn it.

This is a relatively complicated aspect of #lifestyle and we tried as hard as we could to boil it down so it wasn't so numbers-heavy. Hopefully it all makes sense, but we'll be right in the comments if you've got any questions!

We also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's posting their awesome #lifestyle in our community and also to everyone who has already graciously delegated! Hopefully we can provide a great win-win for everyone involved in the tribe!

We only get one life, so let's make it the best it can be!

ICYMI, Lifestyle was added to Steempeak shortly after our launch a few days ago, check it out!!

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The apr is pretty large truly

Due to a resteem from @diverse, I have stopped by to read your post. And, in doing so, have elected to invest in #lifestyle by delegating 250 SP. We'll see how it goes and decide on further involvement / investment from there ...

That is cool to hear, thanks to both of you! appreciate the support for our community and for #lifestyle content :)

Do you not think this could cause downward momentum on the price of #lifestyle as delegators could be adding to sell volume?

Good question. The addition of us burning tokens from curation rewards should actually create the inverse effect as we'll be buying more tokens off the market and burning them than we'll be distributing to delegators as a whole!

Project already dead and price dumping? Over one week wihtout a post and comment in this space is quite rough. Especially when it is new and promising project

great plan. Remember I was working on Lifestyle tribe myself before you came a long so I get what you guys are trying to do. I love it. I will delegate a bit. I don't have much to spare at the moment but more will be on the way. I also appreciate the one.life votes on my posts. It's a nice incentive to post

Haha yes! Hey, whatever we can do to support sharing our best #lifestyle ;) that's what we're all about

This is clearly a scam. Do not be stupid

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Woot Woot! It werks!

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Very interesting
I did my (small) delegation!

Very interesting
I did my (small) delegation!

Still in effect of 25% APR for 30k sp delegation ? If that is OK then julialee66 wants to delegate that amount.