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**To become Smarter, Better and Stronger we all try so hard, but even often we don’t look for the easiest ways. It’s not perfect, because there are less stressful ways to have the same outcome. Here some simple tricks that will improve your daily life and that will help you to get along with people better. Let check the tricks and improve yourself. **
So Lets Jump to the post.
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Number 19: Your EYE level.

When you go to smart stores for buying any product don’t be lazy, you should look at the lowest shelves for any product that you want to buy. You may ask, “Why?” The answer is all the cheapest products are stored there. When we go to buy something linearly we choose those products that we see in front of us, it is physiologically proved. For this reason, the marketing experts put the expensive products or those that need to sell first in a position that you will see first
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Number 18. Long Light.

You should put a candle in a freezer before lighting them up, the candles will last longer. Yes, physics in your daily life. Wax melts twice as long when it is frozen. It melts twice. Now you are able to save some money that you can buy more candles. How awesome is that!!
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Number 17: The GOOGLE logo.

Are you want to check the ink quality of a printer? It is easy to check it by printing the google logo. Are you surprised? It is not a surprising fact, because Google logo has the necessary main colors those are needed to check the print quality. Very easy and smart way to check ink colors, Isn’t it?
Google Image Result for https   upload wikimedia org wikipedia commons thumb 2 2f Google_2015_logo svg 2000px Google_2015_logo svg png.png

Number 16: Eat Slowly.

You will be glad to know that you can gain slowly even eating high-calories food by eating it slowly. It is amazing for both beauty fans and also slimming workers. There are lots of experiments stated that a fast eater gains four pounds extra in a month just because that eat too fast when a slow eater gained about just 1.5 pounds for eating slowly. So guys chew your food thoroughly.

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Number 15: Zoo Uniform.

You love animals and you love to go to zoo but sorrow that animals hide from you. So, this animal connected physiological hint will improve this situation with a uniform like clothes. Follow zoo workers uniform, try to put on similar with them, the colors and the shape. The animal will not hide from you anymore. Now take selfies or photos when you see your favorite animals.
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Number 14: Power of Banana.

Do you know that Banana, yellow colored fruit is also called as the fruit of happiness? The fact is that in your breakfast if you keep one banana will help to lift your mood for half of your usual day and also helps to cope with negative emotions. Just try this in morning.
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Number 13: Have a coffee during a workout.

People generally find and use various additional tricks to burn fat faster, it is not a secret because fitness and workouts can be tiresome which slowly transform into a daily routine activity. Now learn something new about a single cup of coffee. If you have a cup of coffee before the training it helps you to burn your fat faster. You don’t need any costly products just have a cup of coffee, it is very cheap and available everywhere.
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Number 12: Use of Hot Spoon.

Mosquito bites are very awful and its itching can nearly drive you insane. To cope with it you are welcome in a very simple, common and most popular hack. Use the hot spoon on the bitten place and forget about itching.
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