Nothing happens until you run.

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Hello successful steemians,

How are you guys? After the resolved steem blockchain first time came to @esteem community for share important thing when I participated seminar of my state within last two years. You can read them.

At one of the psychological seminars, the speaker had a 5000 rupee note. "Who wants this 5000 rupee note?"
Immediately, many spectators raised their hands. Some swung their hands up and down.

"Give it to me." Some were screaming. He quietly stood up with the five thousand rupee note. A woman jumped out of her seat and grabbed the 5000 rupee note from his hand. After she was found, the speaker addressed the congregation.

"She did something no one in this room did. She did what was necessary to make money. That's what you need to do to make your life a success."
You must act. It is better to be quick. If you want to be successful in life, this is what you have to do. It is more important than waiting, commenting, or planning. He asked the congregation:

"Imagine how many people would come running up and take the 5,000 rupees in my hand? But you should have suppressed the idea."

He asked them to express their thoughts. Here are the most common answers.
"I wanted to show it to others that I desperately wanted it."
"I was wondering if you would give it to me."
"I was sitting in the living room. It was going to be backwards."
"Because other people want it more than I do."
"I didn't want to be greedy."
"I'm afraid, I'm doing the wrong thing."

The preacher explained that all they did was stop them. When we are successful in this way, the forces that oppose us also emerge from among us.
One universal law of life is:
"How do you do anything? That's how you do anything."

If you're here with feedback, you're everywhere. If you are stupidly afraid and fall backwards, everywhere you are stupidly scared and backward. You need to identify these behaviors and break them. You have to look for the gold in front of you.

Thank you for reading.

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