Losing 5 Pounds Only in 7 Days by One Meal A Day

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How exciting!

I finally find a meal plan that works for my idle lifestyle. Earlier, every of my diet attempt was always in vain because I wrote it down even before I saw result. Not to mention, often the diet plan that I had involve starving myself at some point, eating food with too many restrictions and ended up craving for more salty, sweet and savory snacks.

Keep in mind though, always consult with professionals when you're trying a diet. My doctor only recommended me to exercise more and honestly, I pretty much consult google for the nutrition advice. Don't do what I do, that's the point. Always consult with professional in all aspects.


The idea of intermittent fasting comes to mind when some of my friends said about it. They dropped pounds quite fast without even heavy exercise. I was like, " you gotta be kidding me!". Since I desperately want to lost weight to improve my health and physique, I was sold to the idea. I think it's perfect for impatient folks who want to drop significant amount in less than a month. However, my journey is not at all easy.

Intermittent fasting allows you to eat any meal during window time (eating time). Whatever is your fasting preference, you can eat about 4-6 hours. However, having to try this method, it does not work for me. Knowing I still have time to eat, I mostly snack and ended up overeating.

Then, I have the idea to only eat one meal a day. Later on, I know this is not a foreign concept and many have tried it. I can attest, as a snack addict, this diet works. This meal plan gives us an idea that we can only eat once and that is it. If you want snack, that is still counted as one meal. Below is my 7 days meal dairy where I share what I eat and how I feel thorough the fasting time.

Day 1

I broke the fast at 6 pm by consuming hot milk tea. Followed by eating rice, tofu and tempe. My initial weight is 189 pounds.I exercised in the gym for 1 hr : 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weight training. In the morning I drank warm water and then went to the gym. I did not feel hungry at all during the noon because I have classes. Then, I head out to my place to get a nap.I wake up at around 5. I seem to have difficulty sleeping. I plan on going to bed by 11 or the latest by 12. [note : I ended up sleeping by 3 am].

Day 2

I exercised in the gym for 1 hr 20 minutes step machine, 30 cardio, 10 minutes weight training. I ate a huge bowl of salad and a pack of tango wafers. My sleeping pattern has been fucked due the naps yesterday. In the morning I drink warm water and I am getting concerned about my digestion. So, I am going to research on salad recipes.Despite eating salad, my digestion was still performing poorly. I did not nap and felt very tired.Although thorough the day I was doing feeling productive. However, since it’s the first day of my period, I feel like it impacted my mood and my energy levels.

Day 3

I did not exercise because I have deadlines scattered everywhere. I broke the fast earlier at around 12 p.m by eating a small portion of rice and chicken. I also eat spring rolls and two mint candies. Then by 4 pm I ate a huge bowl of salad and a bowl noodle. [A cheat day at its finest]. I took a nap and my energy level was low. I think I will messed up my sleeping pattern again. I feel tired because by default, Wednesday is one of my hardest/busiest days in the week. My digestion was also doing very poorly.

Day 4

Having to slack off with my eating. I experience sugar crash and then I ate earlier around 9 pm. I felt awful and slept only 5 hours. My digestion was not even improving.

Day 5

I did not exercise this morning and I ate rice, vegetables, tofu and egg. My digestion seems to be improving. I didn't feel food cravings anymore. Although mentally, I don't feel good and less productive.

Day 6

I did not do any exercise. I eat three biscuits, rice, tempeh, tempura and stir fry vegetables.My digestion was working fine. I started to find rhythm. I get hungry by 6 pm, digestion works an hour later. I don't crave food until the next day. However, my sleeping pattern has been slightly messed.

Day 7

I did not exercise. I take naps and eat meal by 6 pm as per usual. My sleeping pattern is messed up but my digestion is doing very well. I don't have crazy cravings on food and feel much more creative and productive. I weight in, and my current weight is 183 pounds. that's a pound more than I was expecting.

From those daily record, here's the summarize :

  • My sleeping pattern is a little bit mess.

  • Improve in digestion system because regular eating time

  • More productive as long as I drink more water and have things to do (if not then I get bored and definitely not productive).

  • After 3 days, no more food cravings before 5 pm

  • I eat slowly, not rushing and enjoying it more.

  • Even with rigorous exercise, I don't feel hungry.

More benefits

  • I save up almost couple of bucks :D

Since I lost couple of pounds, I have more energy to work out. I also don't experience chest pain anymore. Since it's already been integrated into my current lifestyle, I will report on how this will go the second week. My journey is losing 20 pounds until December as I am being realistic.

illustration provided by pexels


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Even so, you should still exercise.

:) yes, been having some shit days. Trying to push through.

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Intermittent fasting = Bradley cooper on limitless

Btw, your review would be very well appreciated on my content. All about fitness for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs.

Perhaps i'll be releasing an article about Intermittent Fasting in the future.

Link me out to your article if you've written about one. I am mostly interested in self-improvement and enhancing my performance/productivity but without NZT ;)

lol, coffee is the real life NZT
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