35th Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

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It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

I have had a giant plan in my mind for months for my 35th birthday, I was going to have the coolest most epic photoshoot of my LIFE! BUT, then Utah decided it was a perfect time to set record lows (singing a tune of single digits people) and the store was out of Helium...Ohhh and Wes's tire was flat on our way to the store "Happy Birthday TO MEEEE".....it was like the universe was out to get me again....and again...and again...and again. I am tired of this roller coaster ride the universe has me on! I WANT OFF at the next stop please!! I literally almost threw the biggest 3 year old tantrum right there in the store...I kept my composure...mostly.

For those that follow along with my shenanigans, in my Truths and a Lie post, I spoke of being an Irish Twin...That...was a TRUTH. My sister and I get the opportunity to be the same age for 5 days! It is so great! So, she joined in on the photoshoot, because...she is 35 right now too! We started out just playing around with the balloons (she is a Roller Derby super star...hence the derby stance)


She and I were VERY close as kids, we did everything together, as we got older, we started to become our own person and were total opposites. Our teen years were not kind to our relationship, our 20's were no better and the 30's have been alright. This past year, we have been each others rock with all the hard crap tumbling down on us, one giant stone after another.


Through all our hardships, the pain we have suffered and shared and the anguish we placed on one another. I am more grateful than ever to have this woman in my life! She is one of my very best friends and I am so glad we got to do this photo shoot together!

After we took our pictures together, I started to smash a yummy chocolate cake (ya know...like the fun 1 yr old photoshoots?)


I started out just playing with the cake, because....it was kind of silly to tell ya the truth.


wwest191028_2343 2.jpg

But then things got a bit messy (thanks to @derangedvisions) he wanted me to "adjust" the cake just a little



wwest191028_2353 2.jpg

As you can see, it was a great experience, and although my vision didn't work out the way I had dreamt it up, it still turned out perfect! I am one lucky lady to have such a talented husband and one that will allow me to come up with silly plans and then take all the pictures!


Here's to my 35th year and beginning the 2nd half of my 30's as my authentic self!

Shout out to my man @derangedvisions for all the pictures! He took each one of these and edited them to perfection :) .


Happy Birthday to youuuuu
Words wise sounds like you had quite a day
But pics wise, it looks like a whole lotta fun :)

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Happy birthday! This looked like a really fun photo shoot. Makes me feel like I want one too 😁😁

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Happy birthday! Fun sisterly photoshoot, we were all 4 years apart in my family (2 older sisters 4 and 8 years older, and a brother 4 years younger) so it was totally different experience. Cool that you two still live close together and are tight again now even if it was not always so. Cheers

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Happy birthday!! This is so much fun ❤️ Hope you had a beautiful day.

My mom plays roller derby too btw 👀

happy belated birthday beautiful, love the photos of you and your Sister xx

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