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Dear Ones

During a discussion between @ura-soul, John Huckel @matrix-8 and myself in this thread, points were raised regarding anonimity and the involvement of the oligarchy. I asked John to reply. I post his reply below (he is currently asking me to post replies on his behalf) to enable more visibility of these important to understand points, and a whole lot more.

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A link to this post will be added to the aforementioned thread and to the Matrix-8 Questions and Answers Post.

Hello again US (@ura-soul),

I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I am quite certain that you and I and AL are on the same page on this one. I think we all want what I have coined Democrity. Democrity, as I define it, has all the qualities of Democracy – except that Democrity is not a system of Government; it is a system of Governance. Democracy = top-down Force; Democrity = bottom-up Consensus.

Your summary of the Matrix-8 Platform is quite correct when you say, "the matrix is a way of organising and directing discussion towards an outcome."

The only thing I would add to that brief statement is that it is the first system which allows for both anonymous Deliberation and anonymous Voting in large groups.

I think I may have been unclear when bringing up how the whole process has elements of an Oligarchy. I did not wish to suggest that the platform would in any way allow for the Rule by a few Elite. But, in my analogy of the US bicameral Congress I was suggesting that as the Cause Group initially forms, both the Cause itself and the potential Solutions available would most likely be delineated by the folks who--by virtue of their education, experience, and renown--are Opinion Leaders in the area (the Senators). These respected Opinion Leaders are the Elite regarding whatever the Cause may be. I assert not that they should rule, but that their continuing input is invaluable.

And this leads into furthering our discussion on Anonymity. I agree with you when say that any lock can be picked; any program can be hacked. But in this case, we're not trying to protect the identity of those who are deliberating and voting from some external entity. In fact, we're starting from a very open Facebook-like Chatroom where Anonymity is often out of place. The Opinion Leaders want to be known, so that their arguments will carry more weight. What we're trying to protect is the integrity and equality of the processes of Deliberation and Voting once those same Participants move from the Chatroom--where the Opinion Leaders are dominant--to the Matrix-8 Platform where it is only the data which is important..

The folks using this system should not have to worry that someone knows who they are. In my examples these are law abiding folks who just want to fix washed-out bridges, build playgrounds, send impactful Tweets to Trump, and all manner of beneficial projects which this world sorely needs handling.

Everyone involved will have already heard, and been privy to the basic viewpoints which have been argued in the Chatroom. At that point, what's important is creating an anonymous forum where everyone's voice is treated equally in Deliberations. And when Deliberations have run their course for the moment, the sanctity of One Person, One Vote is secured.

Shifting directions here - what I see as a particularly critical need for the Matrix-8 Platform during this onslaught of the Coronavirus, is some way for the legislative bodies in the Free World to have the means to continue their Deliberations and Voting without having to be jammed together in the same room. For if Legislatures go out of business, power will necessarily devolve to the Executive Branches - effectively turning Representative Democracies into Autocracies. We don't want that!

Let me here defer to your expertise as the Founder of Crucial Web Digital Marketing. As you understand the basic dynamics of this system – what's your best estimate for the cost of programming such a platform? It would be something which could be operated as an App from someone's Smartphone.

I greatly appreciate your continuing input.

John Huckel

I hope this answer from John has brought more clarity to your understanding of how Matrix-8 can bring positive change to our planet.


Note: This post was originally published (slightly edited here) an hour or so ago "on the other side" where i make most of my posts now. Still dropping in here occasionally to use my voting power while waiting for power down so i can sell, and also to share some what i consider to be vital information for those who are choosing to stay here. May all beings be content, abundant and at peace.

Visit the Matrix-8 Questions and Answers post to find out more about Matrix-8 and how it could make a revolutionary change to both your community/business/organisation and indeed to the whole wide world.

Visit and join the New Age DApps Community to read more articles and to learn more deeply about the revolutionary Matrix-8 system, and to see future posts about Matrix-8.

Join the Telegram Matrix-8 Discussion Group and/or comment below for further discussion to help humanity break free from the chains of slavery tied around us by the powers that shouldn't be!.

Have you heard about Ecoin and Initiative Q ?

They are two different initiatives attempting to bring about #cryptomassadoption. Read about them in this post i made about Crypto Mass Adoption and get your allocation of #freecryptocoins.


Regards dear friend

So far this system Matrix-8 that you are trying to approach looks quite ethereal, although I must accept that it is full of inspiration and yearnings for equality.
Within so much utopia a truly tangible power can be felt and it is because you are fully convinced of its scope.

The 5G conspiracy theories from your other posts and the link to the video you left made me reflect. Thanks for sharing these.

Your friend, Juan.

Thanks for your response Juan.

I made another post yesterday where you can learn much more, and more simply explained. Your time to study and comment/ask questions would be very much appreciated:

Peace and Love to you brother

Ps. If you like Matrix-8, Copiosis might blow your mind.

I think it will take Matrix-8 to help bring Copiosis into reality within a much shorter timeframe.

Thanks for your kind reply, i promise that I will visit these links.

I hope you don't mind if I ask your opinion about "moving" to Hive. Maybe you plan to stay on both chains?

You may know that together with my friend @crypto.piotr we have created Project Hope Hive and have recently launched our own Curation Trail @project.hope. Our goal is to perform manual curation of quality content and we are proud to invite you to participate.

Would you mind checking our recent post please?

Thanks in advance.

Your friend, Juan.

Hi Juan.

Okay. It's done. I followed the @project.hope curation trail on Steem. I only plan to frequent Steem occasionally for the next 3 months while powering down (currently 36000 SP), then afterwards perhaps occasionally when i have vital messages to share which may not get seen by Steemians who are not on Hive.

Now, i invite you @juanmilina and @crypto.piotr to a challenge, and to share the challenge with the Project Hope Community. It is a challenge which will ultimately do away with the need for the current corrupt governmental systems which create fake propaganda about (for example) Coronavirus to cover up the harmful effects of 5G, to crash the world economies, and generally to rape and plunder the Sheeple who do not know better.

The Matrix-8 Challenge, if you and sufficient numbers of others choose to accept this challenge, will enable We the People to organise ourselves very efficiently and equitably, so we are much better organised than the powers that shouldn't be.

Part of the challenge, once it has been understood through researching provided links, will be to build (code) the system. I suspect you may have coders in your community to help with that. There will be prizes for the challenge, and rewards (KLU's) for studying and sharing.

Translation of some of the information into Spanish could be a project for the Project Hope Community, who would not only be rewarded from the Hive reward pool in the usual way for posts, but also in KLU's. Please ask if this is of interest.

KLU is an acronym for Knowledge, Leadership, and Understanding. The idea is that anyone who takes the time to study the information and gains the Knowledge, will show their Leadership by making the effort to recruit and bring other people to Understanding. They will then get awarded KLU's in recognition of their efforts.

As a generality, KLU's will come into existence by the group rewarding its Members for their specific Contributions.

So, back to the challenge. The open challenge #matrix8challenge is actually still in preparation. I will make a dedicated post where all the details will be given. However you can still begin to participate and share. Just tag any comments you make with #matrix8challenge so they can be picked up later once the system has been coded and tokens issued.
Here is the post i made giving the preliminary outline of the Matrix-8 Challenge.

As my SP gets lower i will consider delegating Hive Power to Project Hope Hive.


Brother! Please excuse my late reply.

This is an excellent proposal, I will immediately share your initiative with Piotr.

The fastest way to present this challenge and the entire initiative would be with a presentation publication.
Of course, once you make the official publication of the challenge, it will receive support from the team.

I will try to bring some traffic to this comment so that our team educates itself on this concept.

Thank you for your generous participation in our Trail.

Thanks for advising, it seems like an interesting idea, I will review the article you share at the end of the comment to know more.

Thank you appreciated Sir.

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