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Life is a struggle for establishing priorities, the difference in our results shows how correctly or wrongly we place our priorities.

Priority is simply the order of preference of your activities, priority affects the things you pay attention to and the things you don't

In this series of #lifecommunications I'll be briefly discussing the importance of prioritizing your life.

Let's look at 2 critical parts of your life.

    1. TIME: Everyone has the same 24hrs in a day, yet we don't get the same results.

When you hear people say they don't have time for a thing, it simply means their priority is somewhere else.

In any aspect of your life where things are not the way it should be look closely it means the correct priorities are not in place.

Several things compete for your time and resources on a daily basis, without proper priority you'll spend time making wrong decisions.

Its important when you are coming far behind your life, to establish priorities correctly.

If your priorities are correct your results will tell, right priorities = right result, wrong priorities = wrong results.

I asked a group of persons I was teaching some time last year, "between money and time, which will you choose and almost everyone went for money" then I told them, what if I gave all of you 50million now and as you step out of this hall, you are attacked and robbed what happens next.
The truth is there is no amount of money that you've ever lost that if you invest you time wisely and gets your priorities right that you can recover. But there's no recovery for the least time you have lost.

  • 2., CAPACITY BUILDING: Make content a priority and become a champion in 60months

Every time there's a failure, there's a failure in priorities.

Priorities changes as you grow. A typical example.

A person at a very early stage in life needs education and the right guidance, now as he grows his priorities changes now to capacity building.

Become content minded, always ask yourself, what is it that you've learnt that is new, if what you knew last year is the same as you know this year, it means your are not growing.

People who respect priorities will always be above those who don't. It's a law.

Tell me what you do with your time everyday and I will most likely tell you what your life will be in 60months.

Instead of carrying so many projects at a time, focus on one and achieve it and it will boost your confidence.

Everyday you are either pursuing trivial things or priorities.

Life is progressive. Strive to make progress on a daily basis.

Stay with me as I take you through the next post on this lifecommunication series

See you soon!

Please drop your comments as I'd like to hear from you.


Some points we aware of but always need reminding.
thank you, stay blessed

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