What will you be, assuming you had never gone to school

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It is another beautiful afternoon here in Nigeria.

Last week Monday here I invited you all to the @wafrica discord server.

Every Sunday, there is a chat going on in the server where a topic is discussed.

What was yesterday topic?

What will you be, assuming you had never gone to school

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This is a topic that involves some deep thought. You have to clear your head and imagine yourself as a 2 years old kid that have no access to school.

Before I analyse some of the replies let's have a roll call.

Present in the chat include @akomojong @anaman @cherylsonty @desmoniac @donnest @eunireal @fatherfaith @flames @fredkese @honourmaus @itoroarchibong @julietisrael @lordjames @mediahousent @phunke @prettyjules158 @sapphire @steemgh @surfyogi @uche-nna @yungchief @zizymena

The chat was anchored by @anaman

Some of the user that spoke on the topic like @joyceokpobo started by saying

School doesn't guarantee success in life, it only makes the journey easier. She went ahead to state that she would have been a fashion designer and have a clothing line she can call hers.

@youngboss contributed by saying he would have gone into poultry farming.

Other users that participated all gave their opinion, some said they are would have been a footballer or sales person.

Now the high point of the chat. @julietisrael spoke that she would have been a motivational speaker. Wowed by her voice, everyone urged her to sing a song. She obliged and sang Like you by Tatiana Manaois.

That was it, the chat turned up, everyone was stunned by her sweet voice. Even the guys were not left out and @uche-nna offered to sing too for the guys. At first, you would think you are hearing a female voice, but come on this is @uche-nna a guy with a lady voice.

The chat turned to an online party and everyone went to bed feeling good.

Where will you be next sunday at 08:00 GMT. Don't miss the @wafrica chat again. Join the server here now.

Congratulations to all the users in the roll call. You all got 0.5SBD from me, though small but it is a way of appreciating the smile you put on my face yesterday.

Now the main question

What would have I become if I had not gone to school.

I leave you to guess that out. The correct guess wins 5 SBD


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  • Contest ends 22 May 2018.

Let the comments roll in

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  ·  last year (edited)

Well @zoneboy, with the little but great time i have spent with you, i have come to learn that there is nothing you set your mind to that you won't succeed in. You are a jack of all trade.
God you are a philosopher, an engineer, a motivator, a leader, an idealist, A BOSS, a scientist, a teacher, a philantropist.
if you want to know more send 0.200Sbd to central account @rabiujaga with LEARN as the memo INDIVIDUALLY..
Just kidding. This gentleman is the total package.
So guessing is a hard thing to do.

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Congratulation zoneboy! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 37min with 15 votes.

@zoneboy, I was at the wafrica discord chat room last night. I'm yet to receive my 0.5sbd you promised. I'm @joyceokpobo. Waiting in anticipation. Thanks


I already sent to others. I will however send yours.

I think you'd have become a computer Programmer..

Thank you boss for the reward, i think you would have been a full time agricultural farmer, musnt necessarily be crops alone, maybe including animal rearing.

@zoneboy you would have been a business trader.

I really had a nice time, thanks and expect a cover from me from 9pm.
You can also check the ones have done before.

You are a joy we I see your post around, I'm if you'd never go to school you won't have found steemit........LOL

Well, in every thing its good to give thanks.

@honourmaus says '' BE GOOD "

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi.I know you to be a tech kid.
However I think you would become a computer scientist

My guess is you would have been into one form of business or another.

Btw, the link to the discord channel is invalid. It must have expired or something.


You can try this link here


This one works. Thank you

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You would have become a farmer.. An uneducated one..

Thanks to the contest organiser @zoneboy.

Yes!!! I agree that schooling is just to make the journey easier because the school system makes you think out of the box, but depending on the orientation you got or you've been getting since you started the schooling life.

Some persons got the orientation of getting all the qualifications attached to their field of study, after that they must get a job in a very reputable organisation forgetting the fact that somebody own that company. That's the mentality of a worker while school system had helped some people think of doing the same thing in many different ways(they can do permutation, just to succeed in life).

If I hadn't gone to school, thinking like a two year old child now.... I would have become a footballer. Forgetting the fact that am a female, my dad buy me Jersey, boots, skin guides, holes (that long socks) am not too sure of the spelling and my dad is always ready to sponsor me (pay the price) . I play football ⚽ with my elder brothers and I don't enjoy playing with females like me because I believe they don't know how to pass properly, all they know is shouting as if they are fighting wrestling. All the training from my brothers made me strong 💪, I was even part of those that played principals cup when I was in SS2,

You know our mothers now, she started saying to my dad, this child is a female, let her face schooling, which responsible Muslim girl do you see playing football ⚽.
I still go to training because of my Love 😍 for football ⚽ but I just had to stop ✋ when I got admission into tertiary institution.

Schooling made me hung my boots 👢 forcefully. The Yorubas will say(koni tan lara omo Oba, koma ku dansaki). I still watch football ⚽, even if I can't watch i check livescores. @afefe is my witness, am a Chelsea fan.

If I didn't go to school, I would be a footballer but now that I went to school, am a Banker, am a finance manager, am an entrepreneur, am a Farmer, am everything.

As for @zoneboy, you would have been an entrepreneur and have lots of other businesses (owning a guest house or an hotel) and I guess graphics designing will not be left out too, These are things that can be done by somebody that didn't go to school.


Yeas, You need to see her in the outfit of Madrid jersey.. Fully fit. I once challenged her but was full of surprise when it all happened.

Well done man!

Well done man!

Woooooooow this is good update, I guess you will be a farmer, maybe poultry farmer just like me, hehehehe, I really enjoyed my time with you guys yesterday

I haven't receive my 0.5sbd gift yet... Maybe you forgot @zoneboy, so am expecting hahahah. Thanks

  ·  last year (edited)

Am happy to be a part of this contest which is from @zoneboy, first participating contest though and wish I will be the winner.
Sincerely if I had not gone to school as a child, parent wants the best for their offspring. As of a kid which decision is made for, not until one is old enough to speak for oneself. I would have become a cleric.

Truly going to school doesn't assure success, it's just like a stepping stone. @Zoneboy since you are a die hard football fan,you would have been a goalkeeper

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maybe a business man . my uncle doesn't graduated any level from school but he's a successful business man . Harkwork is the key .

You're a photographer :)

I just feel you would have been a footballer


iffa hear. was with @zoneboy in the field, he saw ball like this, he changed his mind.
but he can rock jerseys very well. Planning on stealing one of his jerseys.

I would have been a killer. A hired assassin probably