A friend's story Gathering with Family

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Work and daily routines are certainly boring and often make our moods worse. Laughing with people we love can certainly improve bad mood. Laughter prevents the development of stress-causing hormones and increases the cells that make up the immune system. More smiles and laughs make us much healthier.



Every member of our family must do something positive and interact with others every day. whether it's in an office, social gathering, campus, school, or other place. Information and knowledge obtained must be different. By gathering together and talking about each other's daily lives, of course we can exchange information and insights from each other. In fact, we can also get insights from unexpected people, from coffee makers for example. Happier and insight also increases.


few know that every family member has expertise in processing super-delicious dishes, and this will be easy to get only when the family gathers.

What are you waiting for, friend? Start planning a short time with your family on a better weekend! In addition to getting closer, you also become more healthy and enthusiastic to welcome the challenges next week.

Family greetings

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Lovely, it's good to make out time for your family! Keep the love alive! @ziapase

hay @ziapase ho teuh.. pakon hana jadeh neu meuén mosnters teuma? peu keuh na masalah? tanyoung mantong bak discord atawa lewat comment pat nyang jeut.. (lam postingan drou teuh. kepeue ta jaka meurutee bak lapak gob teuma.. hehehehe), nyou teungoh paih that watee, ta meuruno dilee, enteuk ta pike ta peugot akun droun teuh.


Tengoh sibok di dunia nyata lam padit uronyo 😀😀