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To all my lovely friends and followers, my apologies. To stop the rest of you from messaging me privately with worrying where I am, I am still here. Sort of here, anyway. Some major life changes happened and my life got twisted upside down and inside out. I know that a lot of you reached out privately and still have not heard back from me, you will. I have a lot of things to catch up with and I am not ignoring you, just having almost no free time at the moment. You are in my thoughts.

CCO image, Pixabay, author: Alexas_Fotos

Last seven days were hectic, turbulent, chaotic... I will not lie, there were some hard moments, probably the hardest in my life but to be completely honest, I am feeling a little like Phoenix rising from the ashes. Sometimes you need to burn it all down and start fresh. Sometimes only the radical change can bring about a fresh potential and a clean slate to start living again. I am still gluing the broken pieces of myself and picking and choosing which ones to keep and which ones to replace. Creating, building, re-innovating my life from scratch has not been easy, but it was needed and I have no doubt that decisions made were the best possible no matter how hard. Tears will dry, wounds will heal, and pain can be a creative stimulant. Now is the time to grow.

My lovely steem families,
I miss you...

Great people of @fundition, @thealliance, @steemitbloggers, @thesteemengine, @actifit, @naturalmedicine, @steemstem, and all the rest, you are missed. Please accept my apologies for not being around and active. I will be back to my usual active self in a couple of days, hopefully, somewhere next week. Until then, I am sending you much love. Your happy fairy is sprinkling you all with some fairy dust and wishing you all the best.

always, always, always:



Be well and look after yourself @zen-art.

I can relate. Things are hectic at the moment. So much to do,so little time...
Take your time and come back to Steem when it suits.

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Glad you are at least mostly ok. Hang in there little sister, we'll at least watch the store until you get back.

I am most definitely happy to know that you are alive and still here with us. I hope you are able to sort things out, heal and find peace in whatever you are going through. You are in my thoughts❣️

Hey Petra, I wish strength for you to cruise through this phase. Take it easy and take care of yourself my dear 💚

Apparently this seemed to be happening to great people across!

But we are truly glad that you are doing well picking up the pieces; and you are very right on this, sometimes life needs to have this pivotal point of starting from ground zero in order to rise up even higher.

Thank you so much for your tireless contribution to @fundition, and on behalf of @littlenewthings , for @thesteemengine too.

Best wishes and great peace and recovery to you
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I do not know what is going on right now and it seems so hard for you right now. We all have our shares of ups and downs. This too shall pass is what I always say. You'll be back up again and much stronger this time around. Stay strong and be that Phoenix.

Fighting Petra! You know that we are here for you right? Now take some moment in your day to live in the present and to just breath. Sometimes it could help to think but above all to let everything go for a moment 😊

It seems to me I am not the only one going through one of the biggest "rebuilding" phases of my life. I love your positive attitude about it. It is not easy to go through it, but like you told me one time it will only build us into something better. And, I am sure you will rise like a Phoenix and overcome all the obstacles in front of you. :)

Have an amazing day, my amazing friend. :)

Darling! I have been worried about you - was THIS close to messaging you to ask if you were okay but I thought maybe you were just busy! I only usually let someone disappear for SO long! HOpe you are okay!!! - @riverflows xx

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