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1.Value based on requirements

Sometimes, we dream about the advantages and the advantages of a car, but it is best to think something more practical based on our needs - not just for a short time, but for long-term and for years to come . Here are some considerations to consider:

How many passengers will be using your vehicle (Family or single)?
What type of drive do you often face? City route? Highway? Or an off-road such as a farm road?
Will you drive in cool areas like highland cameroons? The beach side like the island? Or a hot area like a city?
Do you need oil-efficient vehicles for a lot of traveling?
Do you need an all-wheel drive, 4wd or 2wd?
What are the important safety features you need?
Do you need extensive storage space?
Are you going to use a children's car seat?
Will you often delay other vehicles?
How many garages or parking spaces do you have for your new car?

2.Set your Budget

Unless you pay cash for your car, you need to think about your vehicle loan financing. How much are you really able to allocate for car payments every month? Generally speaking, the amount of budget for a vehicle per month is not more than 20 percent of your monthly salary.

To see how the prices compare to what other people pay for the car, can be calculated via a loan calculator. then you can make an estimate based on car prices and advance amounts.

3. Cash Or Loan

For example, if you buy a car for cash you need to raise money for a long time and if you are not in a rich category, you can only afford a cheaper or used car that might not fit your taste. Different if you buy a car on a loan, you can buy a new car that is more expensive and more comfortable by just making a loan that can be approved by the bank.

Here are some factors to consider when making decisions between leases and purchases:


  • You do not have to worry about the money you need to spend on monthly payments.
  • You can trade in your car even though you just bought it.
  • No need to pay interest / bank interest, only pay for car price


  • You can trade in your car without paying full price for the car.
  • You can buy better cars based on bank approval.
  • There's no need to spend a lot on buying your car.
  • You only spend a little each month and will have your car after you finish making a loan.

4.Consider cost after purchase

Customers are always overlooked in this section, which is cost after purchase. Possibility of cost after purchase is higher than the price of the car. Why? Although two cars are worth about the same when purchased, the two vehicles may differ from the total cost to be incurred after the purchase.

Before you decide on a car, you need to estimate long-term ownership costs. This includes depreciation when in trade in, insurance, maintenance and fuel costs. In this way you can help you make a wise decision ahead that could save you thousands of ringgit over the life of the car.

Remember, a car with a beautiful design or brand name does not necessarily have the highest quality of the car.

Value your needs, Not your Will

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