How do you deal with stress/burn out?

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Its not that simple. You will find a lot of things to do to reduce stress with only a few keystrokes and a google search. But what i have learned with my situations and attempts to deal with them is that none of them fully worked.. i had to be creative to find out what worked for me and which did not.. Now i can tell you what works for me.. But id rather not suggest those.. Instead i am going to reply with the whole process that helped me find out the causes and their solution..

The whole process is based on a couple of phases. But remember, be "creative". Thats the key.. And this process is not an immediate one. It can take a day or two. But im sure you will be able to get through. So choose when to start accordingly. Find a suitable holiday or take a leave.


First, find the most quiet place available in your house. Go to the roof or the garden or draw the curtains or something.. I dont know.. be creative, find the best suitable place that will seperate you from the rest of the world.. This will allow you to think thoroughly. Try to find a setting or create an ambiance. If you are thinking why this guy is is telling me to do things a hippie would do.. believe me, this is the only way.

Now, if you are truly alone, sit down on something comfy. And start thinking.. try and find the things that are nagging you the most. Things that are pinching you in the head like crazy. Those might be your workplace, A friend, someone you are in a relation or your family or whatever is disturbing you the most. It can be multiple things.. Try to zone in on the exact causes. Now if you are not successful try again. Clear your head and think again. Repeat this process until you are successful.

Now you know the cause we will start curing the disease and uproot it. And this can be done by detoxing your self. The things we talked about till now are to prepare yourself mentally. This phase is the physical, bodily one. If you have bad habits sch as bad food habits , alcohol abuse, caffeine disorder or nicotine addiction now is the time to get rid of them. Find a gallon of water and mix in it two pinches of salt and a teaspoonfull honey. You are going to drink it through the whole day.

** The Curing**

At the day you chose to stir up the process, wake up early in the morning. Go to the park or the streets and jog for an hour or two. A moderate physical exercise will open up your respiratory system making you inhale more clear air and think straight. Now after you are done go home, take a shower and eat a breakfast that you like the most. Not everyday serial or pancakes. Cook something special like a continental breakfast with salad. Dont eat until you are full. Keep some space for the detox materials. Now when you are done with these we will start to meditate. Many says meditating on an empty stomach helps more but i can focus more when im not starving. Create an ambiance by playing deep binaural meditating soundtracks.. There are thousands in youtube. Find the one that pleases you the most.

Now sit up flat on the floor and start meditating. Keep doing it for sets of 15 minutes or more and drink the honey water in set gaps. Meditate until you start to feel the positive energy around you. It souldnt take long. I found peace within the first 10 minutes. Keep doing it until lunch and drink plenty in between. You will need to pee a lot. Dont hold it in. Let it pour but only after you complete you sets. Now have a big breakfast. Something healthy, with loads of fiver, carbs and avoid oil or fat. Eat until you are full , take another shower and try to take a day nap. You should wake up in the Afternoon. Pick a book and read it while sipping on the drink you made. At the evening do things that you do in your normal vacation. But do not smoke or drink. At dinner eat as less as possible. Only a salad would be sufficient i think. And Go to sleep as early as you can.

The next day when you wake up and go to dump your poo you will feel like a completely new being. I do this quite a lot in my weekends. But instead of jogging i go to fishing. Takes my mind off of things all together. This helped me a lot. Hope this helps you too.


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