Some Life lessons that will make you happy part-2

in life •  2 months ago

After learning the lessons you came to know from the previous sequel, you can learn some more of them. They will be described today.

Do anything according to a clear plan:

If you are going to do something, go for it by making an adequate plan. A planned work can be beneficial to you in several ways:
If you do anything according to a plan, the task will be far faster than if the task was done unplanned. The result of a planned task is more beneficial than that of an unplanned one. You are at less risk of being failed to do a task with a plan than doing it without a plan.

For, example, if you are going to climb up a mountain, then you can go for it in two ways. One is planned and the other one is unplanned. If you go for it without any plan, you have 90% possibilities to fall into danger. And even if you reach the top, it will be a great hardship for you. But if you make a clear plan of how you will climb up on that, it will be much easier to climb up the top and you will have much fewer possibilities of falling into danger.

Don't' pressurize yourself. Keep calm and go for everything quietly:

Don't put any sort of pressure on yourself. It will bring no good to you. If you need to do something, then go for it with a cool head. Be calm and quiet. If you are in a hurry, then do it in a hurry but not by putting any sort of pressure on you. It will ruin the task you want to do.
Suppose you are an author and you have been given a task of writing a story in short time, then if you rush for the task, it'll surely put pressure on you and so your brain will not work properly. But if you take no pressure and think about it calmly, then your brain will give you the needed support to write the story. Which one is better? Of course, the second one.There'll be more on the third sequel to this topic.

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A plan can be a good tool no doubt. But it might not always go according to your plan. So if you make a plan, go for it, but if something comes up and fucks up your plan, don't put pressure on yourself as you wrote :D
Just make a new adjusted plan. You didn't give up, you just changed your plan :D

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