Think before you do

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Prerequisite for your desired success

Each and every single step is important in your life. If you are able to take the steps correctly, then you are sure to succeed. But to take the steps correctly, you must do some jobs. You are not allowed to do anything without thinking. To get the best result out of anything, you must think before you do.

Suppose you are going to choose your profession. Now you are free to choose it. Suppose you chose a profession. After a few days, you realized that this is not suitable for you. Then you shifted to other professions. Then you did the same for two more times. You might've got the desired profession that suits you after trying for the fourth time. But in the meantime, you've lost some valuable time from your life. Let's assume you have consumed six months each for the wrong ones. So, you have lost one and a half years already. Now imagine if you had chosen the right profession one and a half years ago, what could happen. In this time, you would already have passed one and a half years in your suitable profession. As this suit you, then you are more likely to prosper in that profession. You're more skilled now than before which drives you a step ahead to success. You are familiar with the environment of the profession now. But because of choosing the wrong one you've lost the time and you're now fully new to the profession where you could have an experience of one and half years. This makes your success to come late. Sometimes you may be depressed too which can destroy your career.

If you thought well before choosing those professions that didn't suit you, then this would not happen. If you have thought deeply, analyze the outcomes, and then taken steps, you were more likely to succeed.

The scenario mentioned above is not applicable to only choosing your career. It is applicable for each and every part of your life. So, never think after you do. Think before you go for it. Life is yours. You are free to make decisions about your life. Make those carefully so that you don't fall down later.

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tanks for sharin the info/


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@zaku Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.


don't stop when you are done, there's more to do........ keep going

your post has been very nice

very nice and educational post. I like your post. best of luck. thanks for your good post

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Magnificent post....

me is so glad to read your article ,you have explained the reality of life ,how one should take a good decision to make your future bright soon.. i appreciate your article as well as your mind power , keep it up

@zaku totally agree with your thought, but situation is different now a days today soo much competetion in almost every field soo we have compromise soo many times for career choosing. and money also matters so for that we have to do any job whether we are happy or not. in todays competetion world it is soo defficult to find the perfect career which makes u happy while working.

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You're absloluely right. "Think before you do" is fundamental asssumption of all my trading strategies both on stock markets and sports betting. I realized here that this rule change gambling into investing, thinking before is crucial difference. Yesterday (08-09-2018) I did "think before do" and earn +95%, I do this regularly and subconsciously.

Whatever you mention is absolutely correct. We should thing many a times before doing and choosing something in life. If we take wrong decision than we may face lot of problems.
But wrong decision and initial failures only teach us or educate us to take right steps.
But you made a good point. I liked your article.
Thanks for posting such important topic.

Wow, amazing is very beautiful

I am fully agreed with your speech "Think before you do". If you fail to do this, then your time will be wasted. Your post is really organized and awesome. We should be really careful and think properly before taking decision about profession.

In fact, your blog is why it is the reality of reality. That's what everyone likes and is useful to everyone.

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Hi @zaku thanks for the message but I also think when it comes to profession sometimes you have to try out a number of things before you get to realize what you want generally we are human beings love develops for the things we try out like today I might go and be a sales personnel and then later I realize it is not what I want and then later maybe I become a writer, then I realize am passionate about it . Experience is the best teacher you just can not think about what you love if you have not tried it.What do you think about this??

This is really thought provoking, thanks for sharing

Everybody is in a hurry. So we do first and then think. Then harm ourselves