Life lessons you can never avoid

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Life lessons you can never avoid

Lessons that will lead you towards success

To lead a wonderful life, we need to follow some lessons. These lessons are sure to make your life a satisfying one.

We may come to know about those lessons in our life once. But in maximum cases, it becomes late. The lessons don't come to work then. I want to make you know about these lessons so that you can learn this on time and don't repent later.

  • Try learning something new every day.
  • Your surroundings may change very fast. Keep yourself ready for that.
  • Enjoy the time you spend with your family. You are going to miss the time.
  • Make a plan that is clear before doing anything.
  • Don't' pressurize yourself. Keep calm and go for everything quietly.
  • Be honest. Otherwise, you will lose the interest to live.
  • Life is big. Enjoy each part of it
  • Make a perfect routine of your task always. Move on following this.
  • Begin to write down your thoughts. It will one day become your companion. It will also clear your mind and increase your creativity.
  • Travel as much as you can. Go beyond the borders. It will enrich your knowledge for sure.
  • Help people, but don't expect any return. You may be depressed one day if you don't get a return.
  • Be grateful. Don't find what you are not satisfied. Find for what makes you grateful.
  • Be confident. Don't be confused. It'll waste your valuable time.
  • Take responsibilities on your own shoulder. You are responsible for everything that happens in your life.
  • Try to remember that success and comfort can never ride a single horse. Go beyond the comfort zone and grab your success.
  • Be patient in bad times.
  • Life is short. So try to enjoy each and every moment of it.
  • Always try to express your feelings, thoughts and so on. Make your own voice.
  • Never leave backing yourself.
  • Abstain from fear when you do something new and risky.

  • These sentences are short in size. But inside them, they have large meanings. Think about those. Try to adopt each and every lesson shared above. Your success will knock your door for sure.

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    very informative post but may be some maintain this ... yes life is short but i feel maintaining rules is monotonous .... sometimes you need change and its fun breaking life rules... :P :P....... one more thing i planned my life and i failed....... :D


    Yeah only chicken is solid :D

    I am very interested in the part that you say "write your thoughts today so you can stay alive with your writing."

    Personally, what you say is true, I am sure that if some of your lessons are very meaningful to me and the people around us.

    Oftenly, someone who has advantages but then he fail in life because he does not have a good plan. We live briefly, but if all our creativity is finalized, scheduled and do it one by one, of course, certainly very beautiful to see our targets one by one finished.

    Thanks sir @zaku for sharing it to us. God bless you

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    Good post, Don't forget to look at my blog, maybe you like it

    great job yes we should have ready for every day of our life.


    Great job yes we should
    Have ready for every
    Day of our life.

                     - raksha

    I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

    Try to remember that success and comfort can never ride a single horse. Go beyond the comfort zone and grab your success.

    This is absolutely correct and success never comes easy. Even if it is hard to stand some difficulties, we should not give up and try more.

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    great post thank you for those advices .

    Very nice post my friend.

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    Nice post...

    Permit me to add to your lovely update...

    1.Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay.
    2.There is no joy in victory without running the risk of defect.
    3.I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.
    4.Stand away from my diagram it may confuse you.
    5.Hope is a working dream.
    6.It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong.
    7.Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.
    8.If you risk nothing, then you risk everything
    9.My talent is Gods gift to me what i do with that my talent, is my gift to Him.
    10.If you can dream it, you can do IT.
    11.Attitude is everything.
    12.People will respect you when you make serious decisions.

    13.Build a Relationship were people know of it But know nothing about it.FB_IMG_15360161603247389.jpg

    HEHE yeah man!

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    Hood lessons. I twnd to thrive in pressure situations but I tend to avoid those same situations. Its weird. I like the life of comfort and routine but if faced with a problem even if bad for a moment it can help me improve once I get past it.