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RE: "Thank You For Having Children"

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I have a friend who has 6 children, and even after having 3 "friends" would ask her why she was having more. People say the strangest things, thinking that their perceptions are the norm.

Living in the city for most of my life, I have known many couples (it was a college town) that opted out of having any children. I also knew bachelors that said they wanted a family but never settled down over the decades, and now still have no wife or kids.

I love where I live now. There is a different culture in rural Kansas. Families are large and happy. No life is perfect but I am happy to be surrounded by generations of families now that my children have grown and left the nest.

Children are a gift. A wonderful gift.


That just seems so sad. I can’t imagine choosing not to have kids. Sure I’d maybe get a lot more done around here, but I think it would get a little boring. It’s quite something how by surrounding yourself around a certain way of life easily becomes very normal, and even “the way it should be.”
I agree, the rural life may not be perfect, but it sure has a lot more pros in my book!

Some people think it is liberating not to be "tied down" to children and their needs. It feels as if so many don't want to grow up and take on more responsibility and yet my children have made me a better person. I love them so much and am so very glad that they are in my life. What a blessing a family is in so many ways.

And while I am patiently waiting for grandchildren, I play with and have fun with my friends and neighbor's children. Life can be a rich and diverse experience if we let others in.

Be well and God Bless!!

Very well said!

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