REAL REASON MUSLIMS ARE SO HATED - A below the surface perspective.

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ISIS...Al-Qaeda...Suicide Bomber...Saddam Hussein...Weapons of Mass Destruction....Terrorism. This is all we hear over and over again in the mainstream media. We are told they are evil by our governments and the mainstream media.

@teamaustralia please resteem this for all Australians to see. This is Pauline Hanson, a hate spreading politician that once targets Asians, and has now moved to the trend of persecuting Muslims...

In the 28 second video below you will see the most shocking statement made on national television.

This article is not about hating or supporting anyone. I have a bigger message than that. Today I was sitting in a very unproductive speech designed to create conformity among educators. And for this commodity to be passed onto innocent children. I decided to not listen and wrote down my thoughts in a note book. Not to mention it was extremely boring...

In this post I am going to post my handwritten content in its raw form. Excuse the handwriting as I type faster than I can think, and I write faster than I can breathe when I am passionate about what I am writing. I could not use any electronic devices today as I had to FUCKEN CONFORM!!!. But then, its been a while since I had the pleasure of a Uni-ball Signo 1.0mm tip ball pen. And the feel and fragrance of white paper. I rather enjoyed it :).


muslim theory-1.jpg

muslim theory-2.jpg

muslim theory-3.jpg

I saw this short clip on Facebook a few months ago. A Muslim pawn shop owner helped out a desperate single mother in a way many kind people of all ethnicities all over the world would. I actually drove me to tears. Please please give a moment and watch this. The young man in the video earned it :)

muslim theory-4.jpg

muslim theory-5.jpg

This post was very strong themed, and again I apologise for my handwriting and the mistakes. I spotted them both. I would really like to hear your opinion on this. And I look forward to seeing you in the comments section.

Please upvote, follow, and resteem if you found this interesting.

Stay safe my everyone, and let's seek freedom together.




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wow such an amazing post!!

Thank you. Do you think there is any truth in tis theory?

And if you enjoyed it, may I ask for a resteem. I would really like more than 10 people to see this :)

Thanks in advance brother

you got it!!

@yoda1917 thanks for your thought on this issue. No doubt that "Islam is the religion of peace" that actually outlined "how" and "when" such peace can be achieved. But all these mess came into existence after the 2nd world war when the East and West are trying to share all the Arab countries within themselves due to betrayal of treaty signed.

May God Almighty show us His true way and as well give us His true Will to follow and adhere to it ....

Yes... Even lions are peaceful until you run up to them with a nail on a stick and start poking it. There is no need for such acts.

Thank you for your response.

May I ask for a resteem to get this message out there?

Thank you for your help

Obviously most people of Muslim cultural origin aren't violent, there are around a billion Muslims so if they were I think the world would be over by now.
As I understand it (Im not an expert) Muslims are allowed to have debt, but they aren't supposed to have usury which is debt that attracts an unacceptably high rate of interest. Basically it's considered wrong to put someone into debt they can not escape from.

It's a shame we have lost that idealism in the West, I live without debt and it's much cheaper than living with it. It leaves me free and yes perhaps that's the fear some have about Muslims.

I don't see a lot of potential for lending in cryptocurrency, and it was bad lending practice that was an underlying reason for the creation of Bitcoin. Perhaps we will become the enemy too.

Thank you for your indepth reply. And I envy you to be in a position of freedom. It is something I aspire to.

And that is what I love about crypto, it is that sword that centralization does fear.

As to the loss of idealism, it took a long time to get to this state, and it will take time to undo it. I am starting with me and giving my best.

May I ask for a resteem as Steem price and many other factors have made me almost invisible and I would like more people to see this and give me a perspective.

Thank you in advance



It's not the religion that should be banned ; all religions and or paths have a potential to lead to wholeness and God love . It's lower consciousness and fear / hatred are the problem
Lower consciousness needs to be transcended with love unity and wholeness and fear and hatred replaced by love and life spirit energy
Wholeness blessings
Thank you for post

You are most welcome. Every culture starts with love or they would not have lasted this long. The governments using a certain race as an excuse for war in order to profit is a very sad thing.

May I ask for a resteem as this has got very few views due to the market price of steem and so many leaving steemit.


I think we all know, the haet of Muslim is a excuse to carry on with the business of war , is simple like that the same of the farmacéutica companies , the lives are only money

Yup like mentioned... who is driving and funding the so called Islam terrorists? ;)

May I ask for a resteem, as this has slowed right down. Thank a heap bro ;)

The debt connection is interesting. I may have pondered that before but it was more like a passing thought. Thanks for making that connection. Have you read Debt: Te First 5000 Years by David Graeber?

No I have not. It sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the ebook or audiobook?

And may I have a resteem? There is hardly anyone reading at the moment. Greatly appreciated :)

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Am a Christian and I want to become a Muslim
And am a teacher too in a Muslim community. The whole idea of Islam has been messed up by the westerners, media and those so called extremist. I love Islam it's really peaceful.

I agree completely with your theory, that and just the need for war and bad guys to fight.
That's why 911 truth is so important.
Just look at the list of the "axis of evil" countries, and compare to central banking systems.
I also am proud to live without debt. I have had it, but made it 120% priority to get out of it as fast as possible. It's a trap. Go without everything else until you pay it down, that's what I say.
like the post construction. Well done Yoda

I admire your position if you have no debt. That would be a wonderful place to be in :)

Can you resteem this for me :)

done that, haven't I?

The debt thing takes sacrifices, but they are not really if you look at in the right way.
The funny thing I have the bank ringing up offering me loans.
I just tell 'em I have no income, and that usually slows 'em down a bit.

Hahahah, our pain is what they live on bro

must have been another post. Have done so now.

would you be so kind as to return the favour on one of my posts sometime.

Thaks dude, stay strong
big hugs

Wooow Good Job @yoda1917
Thanks 4 The Information's.😊

You are most welcome :)

May I ask for a favour of a resteem? I would like more people to see this. Thanks for your help.

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muslims are already hated by literally everyone this aint something to take lightly people are just putting the wrong image onto us. America is supposed to be the land of the free but Black people are hated, gays are hated, muslims are hated, and immigrants are sent back??
I just want y'all to think... We're we really put on earth to be governed by hate 🤔
All of this stuff is right in our faces and yet we push it to the back of our minds because we THINK nothing will change.We as people are so scared to speak up and come together. Fear has control over our hearts.

This is so true Muslims are hated everywhere in the world only bcs of some terrorists who r doing this by using there gods name

Can you see that my article is trying to support muslims?

Yes .. I was talking as whole

I"m want peace !! peace !!!