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Hey again,

So I was again kicking around ideas for referring to "The Steem Ecosystem" without having to try to interject such an unwieldy phrase into a sentence. It's not snappy, fits ill into most conversational speech, doesn't say much, and is just kinda sub-optimal. Furthermore, if I say "Steemit" then I'm inviting them to think that Steemit all there is to the Steem Ecosystem, when really it's the backbone (and a very important one) which isn't very visually impressive by itself. Worst of all, just saying Steem cause people to think you're talking about STEAM the videogame clearing-house.

But it's very important, in my mind, that we have such a term.. At least for me, cause I'm sortof a Steem-evangelist, it's just natural for me to try to "sell" something that I'm excited about to my friends and others I deem worthy.

An answer presented itself to me earlier, or at least part of one...
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash


Considering that Steem is truly a form of workhorse engine (open source) on top of which others build applications, and designed precisely for that purpose; it just makes sense to refer to it in that way. It is snappy, easily inserted off-the-cuff in natural conversation, conjures an easily recognizable image in the minds of your audience, imparts the idea that Steem is something that -does- something.
Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash

And very much invites questions and clarification.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

So with this all in mind, I jumped on GIMP (which I needed practice on anyways), and made these inspirational images. Let me know what you think. Is Steem-Engine a good way to go?

Oh yeah, and there's

2 Steem

on the table for whoever makes the sharpest picture or original work incorporating the idea of Steem-Engine. Anybody who'd like to thrown on the pot, is more than welcome. =)

Happy New Years,

Silas Danois

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I like it. I might throw my hat in the ring if I can find the time.


I like it. I might
Throw my hat in the ring if
I can find the time.

                 - bflanagin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


The more the merrier!

Hey, @yestermorrow!

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Additional comment: Thinking about the ways to make it easy to understand the Steem for non-users, along with the open call for crowd wisdom and creativity - definitely our cup of tea. We will follow this...upvoted and resteemed!


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