How Long Do You Take To Finish Your Coffee?

in life •  24 days ago

Hi friends!

You may think this to be a strange or trivial question. But for some days now, I was seriously pondering over this question:
How much time do you take to finish your cuppa?

Actually, I noticed a trend in several Youtubers and vloggers. They will keep drinking their cuppa while talking to their audience. Whether their show is of 15 minutes or of 2 hours, they have to sip out of their cup throughout the show at regular intervals.

Perhaps, copying many successful Youtubers from the other side of the globe, many Indian Youtubers too started sipping something out of their large coffee mug! Many Indians prefer to drink tea over coffee, so some of the Youtubers are actually sipping their tea out of a huge coffee mug 😊.

Whatever they drink doesn't really matter, it's their personal choice. But what does drinking a beverage while live-streaming tell you about the vlogger?

Coffee drinking Youtubers don't look professional

Yeah, really! Unless the talk show is called Koffee with Karan 😉

To me, these Youtubers probably want to convey that they are talking very casually. They want to make an impression that they belong to a very genius lot and are super busy with their work; and they are just doing this video session over a coffee break to share their knowledge with their audience and fans. But if it's so, this makes me think that they ain't well prepared for their presentation and are just off-loading their intellectual junk to make some extra bucks.

Another reason I can think of is that they are probably nervous and want to sip something to recollect their thoughts to keep talking. I've even watched people like John McAfee who will keep drinking some soft drink or beer or whatever from one can after another can. He also frequently keep touching his hands to his ears, hairs or some other parts. This kind of body language tells me that either he isn't very confident or feeling very nervous. So I don't take these people very seriously.

The most striking thing I found is that their coffee never finishes until the end of the video. I was awestruck to see that Bitcoin Hyperwave person's interview where his cup doesn't get empty even after one and a half hour into the show! What a magical mug he has!

Once I thought, I'd too have my coffee while watching a video. But unfortunately, my coffee cup didn't even last for 10 minutes, however I wanted it to! It's really too cold these days here. So by the time I reach the bottom of my mug, my coffee doesn't remain hot enough for me.

So can you tell me, what's the secret of Youtubers' hot coffee?

Would a teafee or a coftea work?

Initially I thought it may work. So I tried that too 😊.

In case, you're wondering what a coftea or a teafee is, it's merely a combination of tea and coffee.

Even Starbucks has a secret menu to serve this. It calls it Dirty Chai.

Cautionary Advice: It didn't work for me

This reminds me of heat resistance cups

So today I decided to buy a heat resistant double walled borosilicate coffee mug. But their prices are far from affordable. And cheaper ones are very small ...with a capacity of 150 - 200 ml. If I want to drink my coffee for a longer time, I'd need a bigger mug. So how about a 350 ml cup?

I'm still looking for one. If this winter doesn't get over soon, I'd definitely need one ...or may be, if you can share those youtubers' secret with me to keep a coffee infinitely hot... do you know anything about that?

Seriously, I want to know!

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People in cold countries always sip in some hot beverage that helps to keep their body warm. While taking a subway train I have seen, almost half of them will have a coffee cup in their hands. They have 100's of flavours and coffee shops in each corner. I think we Indians are not much of a coffee person.
And with people sipping coffee during an Youtube video's, it might be their working style or what they are comfortable with. I believe that we have a much more restricted working etiquettes.We won't much see people snacking on or drinking coffee at their work desk. Here it's quiet normal. They just grab a coffee and breakfast on their way to work.
And the degree of coffee warmth varies from person to person. Some like it piping hot while some are ok even with colder ones.


Yes, you're very right! It could be cold weather that is responsible for their frequent coffee consumption. And I agree about work culture too. Only after the advent of I.T. companies, work places went slightly casual in that field. But rest of the places are still too formal.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, I prefer having a cup of either coffee or tea in the morning. A 'Big cup'-350 ml, early morning around 6am., or even lil before that...
This makes me feel energetic to do all my work in kitchen, until I take my breakfast leisurely around 10am!! :)
But the time I take to finish this cup is minimum half an hour...
I like having a sip in between my work in my kitchen very slowly, enjoying the taste of that Coffee or Tea... ....
For the rest of the day I don't go for any coffee or tea again...


I like your choice of 350 ml cup of coffee every day. But still, I can't hold it for over half an hour though I like to relax for a while even after my coffee is finished. I also don't put my cup down until it's hot and love to hold that empty cup for another 3-5 minutes and enjoy its warmth 😉.


Hi @xyzashu... Yes, in your place it's winter now and we can't even imagine having cold coffee or tea...

But here since the weather is always hot, I have developed this habit of having cold coffee or tea, keeping my cup somewhere within my reach and along with doing other work, I enjoy having a sip of this coffee or tea once in two to three minutes!!. This has become my habit since last 25 or 30 years!!... :)

During the rainy day, coffee is very good to drink and the time goes along with it


Unfortunately, it doesn't rain much at my place. But I love coffee any day.

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