Travel with me - Valencia - Our Engagement story!

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Hello dear Steemit Friends!

I guess many of you have been thinking what makes the perfect engagement. Since I'm happily engaged for about 10 months now I would like you to share my story with you and for those of you who wants to propose to your girlfriends I have some tips how to make this situation magical and dreamlike.



I spend in Valencia 2 magical weeks. We arrived in the end of August. At the begging it was hard to me to get used to the heat. It was about 38°C! Our apartment was near La Malvarrosa beach, so we went there almost everyday. The beach is wide and not much crowded.


There is a large promenade lined with palm trees and plenty of restaurants and bars, serving excellent local dishes like Paella. There are also shops with souvenirs. The promenade is about 2km long, so in the evenings, when the temperature was a bit lower, I used to go jogging.



I remember our enagement's evening like it was yeasterday. My boyfriend is a cyclist and on this day he went for a few hours to ride a bike. I was upset because I spend almost entire day in our apartment cleaning and cooking. When he was back, he suggested to go to the beach.


We sat down on the bench on the picture above. I remeber I said that it's so beautiful and romantic. We were cuddling. I saw his heart was beating faster. Then he kneeled and I burst in tears.😀


What made that moment so special?

Despite it was wonderful evening at the beach, I guess it was so magical cause I wasn't expecting proposal at all. I can recommend one thing: don't rush it. When the time and the person you want to marry will be right, you will just know it.


After the enagagement we went back to the apartment. We were calling our family and friends to share good news with them. We celebrated with cool Sangria (unfortunately I didn't take the picture of it). I wish that all of you will experience such a wonderful moment with a beloved person.

Love, Karolina


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Your love story is so romantic... It's so beautiful... And your ring is so beautiful.. and your fiance seems a romantic guy... And yes congratulations 👍 😊☺


Thanks! Usually my fiance is not romantic at all, so I was very suprised when he proposed that way :D

Valencia is beautiful !


It is indeed. I spend there almost 2 weeks and it's definitely not enough!


i love Valencia ! near there there is Benicassim as well which is a very nice beach life :)

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Awesome post and congrats on your engagement. I've been to Valencia and loved it. I spent most of my time in the old town section and then went to Benidorm to the beach for a week. Valencia is amazing and incredibly romantic. Your man picked a great spot. Thanks for the trip down memory lane talking about Valencia and thank you for sharing your story. You picked up a new follower.


Thank you! old town is magical. Following you too ;)


Awesome. Nice to meet you.

Beautiful story! :)



Very romantic!


thank you! <3

That sandcastle <3 Congrats to you both may you both have a wonderful amazing life together.


That's so kind of you, thanks! ;)

That is a beautiful story, and I liked all the nice pics too! Wishing you and your man all the best!


Thanks, I appreciate it! ;)


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Great post on your future. You two look very happy, and best wished to you. UpVoted and followed.


That so kind of you, thank you! :)

Currently my home, yippee!

Great post and a big congratulations from my side!


thank you! <3

Congrats on the engagement! You've got some great pictures there. The sand castle looks so amazing!


Thank you! I'm glad you like them ;) that sandcastle was amazing, someone put a lot of hard work in it.

This looks like a very beautiful place to be! That's awesome. : )


Thank you! Unfortunately I spend only 2 weeks there but I'm sure I will go back there soon :)


Sounds like a good two weeks tom me! : )

Such a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing :)


I'm glad you like it! But the best part of it is that it really happend :D

Did your fiancé enjoy cycling there? When I saw the picture of the sandcastle I thought you were going to say the ring was hidden in the sand somewhere!


He did! He bought GoPro and took a lot of beautiful pictures during the stay. I encourage him to register here and post them on Steemit :) That would be so cool, but I would have to ruin the sandcastle to find it! So better the traditional way lol


Haha yeh and I'm not sure getting covered in sand is very romantic! He should definitely join, it would be great to see more cycling related content on here

Hiszpania jest wspaniała, co zresztą dobrze widać na Twoich zdjęciach! ;)


Niestety to tylko jej maleńki kawałek, mam nadzieję kiedyś zwiedzić resztę :D

Congrats ;)


Thank you!

If he leaves you all the time fuck that guy.


It's not like he leaves me all the time. He has a passion and ambition to achieve something and I respect that.

Zazdro :) Fajny post, czekam an więcej...pozdrawiam :)

The beautiful person attracts the beauty of a place and it develops a beautiful relationships to each man kind.
Hope you can follow me at @JoshuaSalang and visits my blogs :)


These are some beautiful words, thank you! :)

More great pictures! I have a friend with a summer cottage in Valencia and we're hoping to visit someday.

Following to see what you and your lucky guy get up to in the future!


Thank you! That's so kind of you <3 you should definitely visit Valencia!