2000 SP delegation Xemurai Give-Away #4 TaTaTu Special

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4 winners will be delegated steem power for 1 month. #1 - 1000Sp; #2 - 500Sp; #3 - 300Sp #4 - 200Sp
Participation time is until August 6th.

To participate please:
1- Follow @Xemurai & resteem this post
2- Sign up at TaTaTu using this link... https://beta.tatatu.com/?tid=4be5c66d-a301-46ae-9f8a-78248ecde0d9
3- Post screenshot of you signed in account as prove (see my comment below as example)

Every participant will receive TTU token worth apr. 25$ for sining up!

!!! ATTENTION at the moment Tatatu is only available in certain regions (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) if you are from a different part of the world like me you will need to use a Vpn (https://hide.me/en/) !!!

How to use VPN?

  1. Go To https://hide.me/en/
  2. Download
  3. Select one of those regions (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)
  4. Sign up at Tatatu https://beta.tatatu.com/?tid=4be5c66d-a301-46ae-9f8a-78248ecde0d9

What is TaTaTu?
It’s the first video-on-demand and social platform to reward you for watching entertainment: sports, gaming, movies, music videos, TV shows and celebrity news.
TaTaTu also provides TTU (TaTaTu Tokens) you when your friends watch and you share.

Good Luck And Have Fun


Example of prove of sign up
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.52.48.png

nice post brother

can I share my referral when resharing a post ..?

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Sorry for the obsessive advertising. It is necessary to earn.

The force is with you! You got a 7.07% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

Excelent pic

in your shot there is phone option if we used vpn where we found the number for th signup?

i think you would have to use your phone number but not sure how it is going to work out.

wow you are a magician ?

nice....... please one vote me

দিয়ে দিলাম একটি ভোট। এবার খুশি তো? খুশি হলে আমাকেও যে খুশি করতে হবে ভাই।

Good day Xemurai...
I was wondering did you find that website useful for the community ? could you please elaborate it a bit for us?

@xemurai Why are you doing Give-Away of steem power on regular basis.?
Does it help in earning a lot.? image

No it helps me build a community :) If I would want to earn money i would just delegate all my Steem Power to there Voting Bots but i decide to support the community and use my voting power to upvote you guys. I dont earn money from that what i earn is worth much more...

that's very much true if you want to earn than send some sbd to bots and earn

There is no that is associated with your username i.e (66) what is the significance of that.????
Mine is (25) how much time do you think it will take to make it ton (66) approx..

The number next to your username is your reputation score. It increases as people vote on your posts and comments.

Thanks for your answer.
Now I understand.

it increases with the payout your posts receive

it increases with the payout your posts receive

nice pic

Upvoted, resteemed and signed

Hello, I'm robot. I voted you. Please vote me ! Thank you

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Thank you for your post. I wanted to participate in Bangladesh. But VPN can not be used here. If I use VPN, then I have the possibility of imprisonment and fine. So, I did not have the desire to participate.

i understand there will be another give away soon where you will be able to participate without any problem :)

Thank you sir.


username:- rehan12092786
refered by :- @xemurai
upvote:- done
resteemd :- done

Am on it, Resteemed and upvoted...

nice now you just have to sign up using the link and dont forget using a Vpn if you are not located in one of this regions US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

I have issues downloading it on Google Play stay store... Am using an Android phone...
Pls can I get some help @xemurai

where are you from?

you will need to download a free vpn app first than set you location to one of those countries US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand after you set it up you should be able to download the app and sign up :)

Making the world a better place, nice work.

congrats to the winner!

winner will be announced in 7 days

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