Can a person come out with minimum wage

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Today I went around doing some grocery shopping with my family. I have ether not did shopping for a while or is things getting more expensive. This brought me to think what about people that earn a basic wage. Here in South Africa the basic minimum wage is around R750 a week.
So let’s make some maths.

  1. A loaf of bread is around R11.00 (4 loaf a week R44.00)
  2. A 2 litre milk is R22.00 (3 x 2l R66.00)
  3. Eggs around R2.00 each (12 eggs a week R24.00)
  4. Tea bags R1.00 each (10 per week R10.00)
  5. Electricity around R70.00 week R70.00
  6. Water around R20.00 a week R20.00
  7. Transport to work around R10.00 per day return (6 days a week R60.00)
  8. Maize meal ( a south African stable) 5kg R50.00
  9. Margarine R20.00

All this will set you back around R364 and this is only for 1 persons need.
So it is a wonder that people actually can come out with a mere R750 a week. So for all those employers that are paying minimum wage to the staff should re evaluate the cost of living.

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