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What is a Key Ingredient in Creation? Structure. Why is "Structure" so important to the Creation of anything of Substantial Value and Worth?

I regard words as my Living Tools Here.

  • Words are in there very essence a symbolic living expression of "Structure".

  • When you regard whether a Building is well put together, it is the task of the Engineers to determine whether the Building is "Structurally Sound"

Are our words not Sound?

  • Obviously this can open up some questions into the nature of our 'words' and whether or not they are 'trustworthy' and accountable...ultimately: "structurally sound".

  • A key component in the living of our words as a tool and sort of GPS for our movement and participations as Best Expressions in Creation here is: "Definition".

  • How clear are we in our "Definitions". Our Words - Are they Aligned specifically. Is there uncertainty? Can we remedy any and all forms of dissonance?

  • Is Dissonance merely a psychological mechanism within our own "terminology" and "structure" definitions. Meaning: Are we each here as Individuals not the starting point of Direction and Clarity within Being Structurally Sound?

Structure is a word of Support I give much regard to in the Creation of my utmost potential

  • I just wanted to share :)

  • Please feel free to contribute feedback, comments - As I am a firm believer in Communication as a synergy with "structure". We all Learn and Grow Best Together!

  • May Everyone always be structurally sound in their decision making!

  • Cheers and Best Regards!

structure scaffolding.jpg

Steem On,
This is Playground Planet Earth
We Got this 1 Life to Give Our Best

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Clarity in speech is essential for communication. I've heard it said that "words mean things" and this is true however it is more accurate to say "Right or wrong, words mean things" or better yet "words communicate things and sometimes have different meanings for different hearer." It all depends on a person's foundational understanding.

I recently had a miscommunication on Steemit. I asked something like "Can you copy the BTC address as text?" the response was "I guess so". That's not what I meant, but that's what I was communicating. What I meant is "would you please copy your BTC address as text?" Some people are more literal than others.

I believe the responsibility for communication relies on both the speaker and the hearer. @ironshield


well expressed here @ironshield and nice example


Very informative. Goood job!


Thanks for the feedback

whatever the thing might be
the stronger the structure
the stronger the outcome
nice 1 buddy


well phrased!

  • Eloquent and Articulate

  • Deep

Awesome post. Thank you for sharing with the community!




Thank you for sharing all these information with us... appreciate! keep posting :) followed you..

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